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DTS:X au­dio play­back, while also pro­vid­ing sup­port for Air­Play, FireCon­nect and PlayFi tech­nolo­gies. Of course, it also sup­ports net­work stream­ing so your fa­vorite net­work stream­ing ser­vices like Spo­tify will work out of the box too.

The LS7200 is the only sound­bar sys­tem in this shootout to in­clude an AV center, which acts both as the power source for the sound­bar, and a hub for you to con­nect your in­puts to. Of course, it also con­nects wire­lessly to the sub­woofer unit and en­sures that both sound­bar and woofer re­main per­fectly in sync. All in, it’s a fairly clean setup that keeps all the con­nec­tions cen­tral­ized at one spot – great if you don’t al­ready have a re­ceiver for your home.

In terms of au­dio qual­ity, we thought the speaker ex­celled in the midrange, while de­liv­er­ing steady per­for­mance in the lower spec­trum. How­ever, we thought it could have done with bet­ter stereo sep­a­ra­tion. For ex­am­ple, there is a sec­tion in Bo­hemian Rhap­sody right af­ter the part where Brian May, Freddy Mer­cury, and Roger Tay­lor take turns scream­ing out “We will not let you go” and “Let me go”. On the LS7200, you don’t feel like the choir is al­ter­nately scream­ing at you from both sides, thus tak­ing away from the piece some.

It seems the sys­tem per­forms bet­ter on the highs too. On our for­mal test tracks, it per­formed best on Tiesto’s

El­e­ments of Life, ex­pertly pick­ing up the highs in the track. The mids could have and the bass felt slightly boomy, but the sound­bar man­aged to cre­ate a wide, ex­pan­sive sound­stage that made for an en­joy­able lis­ten.

Mov­ing on to our movie test­ing, we thought the sys­tem did best on The Phan­tom

Men­ace track. While not an At­mos-com­pat­i­ble track, we thought the LS7200 did well to pick out the in­di­vid­ual whines and beeps of the droids in the piece, and man­aged to present the dia­log nicely for­ward so that you could clearly hear what was be­ing said.

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