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The Sonos Playbase is the only sys­tem here with­out a sub­woofer in­cluded. So, for the sake of this shootout, we paired it with the Sonos Sub, which then required Wi-Fi con­nec­tiv­ity, as the Playbase has to be con­nected to a net­work with any other Sonos speak­ers you in­tend to use.

You’ll also like to know that there’s no phys­i­cal re­mote too; Sonos wants you to rely solely on their app for con­trol. How­ever, you can setup a generic IR re­mote for more con­ve­nience.

De­sign-wise, it’s meant to take the weight of your tele­vi­sion so you can place the Playbase right un­der­neath your tele­vi­sion in­stead of in front of it. Be­cause none of the sound is meant to go into your tele­vi­sion cab­i­net, spe­cial care has been made in terms of align­ment of driv­ers so all the sound is pro­jected to the sides. Mi­cro per­fo­ra­tions of vary­ing sizes cover the speaker from rear to front, al­low­ing for

In our au­dio test­ing, we found that the sys­tem has a pretty good sense of nat­u­ral­ness and a nice sense of imag­ing. For ex­am­ple, on a record­ing of Cor­renteza by Ana Caram, the harp­si­cord that starts the track is the chirp­ing of birds and the rus­tle of bells. There’s good depth in the bass too, and this is full and lush.

On our for­mal au­dio test tracks, this strength in the lower ranges again showed it­self best with Ho­tel California by The Ea­gles. There’s slightly less clar­ity in the strings here com­pared to the Sam­sung HW-K950, and the vo­cals can be slightly over­pow­ered by the thump­ing bass at times, but the piece re­tains good en­ergy through­out, making for an en­joy­able lis­ten.

In terms of our movie test­ing, the sys­tem did best on the Mad Max test track, with good clar­ity in the mids and lower bass ranges match­ing clip – vo­cals, en­gine noises, and even the crunch­ing noise of boots on rub­ble came through clearly. How­ever, imag­ing wasn’t as strong as the other At­mos-en­abled speak­ers in this shootout.

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