Say good­bye to con­trollers as you know it.

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The hum­ble video game con­troller has come a long way. Just look at sim­ple joy­stick and one but­ton setup, and the PS4’s DualShock 4 with its 12 dig­i­tal but­tons, two analog sticks, two analog trig­gers, d-pad, mo­tion sen­sors, and even a ca­pac­i­tive touch­pad. But video game con­trollers in the fu­ture may not even re­sem­ble tra­di­tional hand­held con­trollers.

stick for hand-based ac­tions, imag­ine Knuck­les – the lat­est grip-based VR con­troller from Valve – uses ca­pac­i­tive sen­sors on the con­troller to in­di­vid­u­ally con­troller can tell ex­actly what mo­tion you’re making. And it comes with strap so you can ac­tu­ally ‘throw’ some­thing with­out send­ing the con­troller in to a TV screen.

Gam­ing is also go­ing to be­come a lot more ac­tive in fu­ture, as de­vel­op­ers try to heighten the sense of re­al­ism by ac­tu­ally get­ting you mov­ing. Take for ex­am­ple, the Vir­tuix Omni. This gam­ing rig places a tread­mill in its center so how much and how fast you move in the real game world.

More and more, we’re also go­ing to see the sen­sors in wear­ables added

to the gam­ing world. For ex­am­ple, take the KOR-FX Hap­tic gam­ing vest. This pro­vides vi­bra­tions to your body cor­re­spond­ing to au­dio coming from the game, so you’ll re­ally feel, see and hear what’s go­ing on in game.

VR gam­ing is go­ing to be­come more com­mu­nal, as back­pack PCs like HP’s OMEN X and the XMG Walker mean we’ll no longer be teth­ered to a com­puter or gam­ing rig, with every­one else wait­ing in line.

Not be­ing tied to a power ca­ble also means more peo­ple can get in on the fun at once, so ex­pect full-on VR gam­ing are­nas in the near fu­ture. Zero La­tency VR is al­ready run­ning such fa­cil­i­ties in Aus­tralia, and their cus­tom-built games get you and a group of up to eight head­sets and (multi-task­ing) weapons to kill zom­bies in an oth­er­wise empty space.

the prospect of be­ing able to phys­i­cally vir­tual world or, to gun down ene­mies while lit­er­ally back-to-back with your friends cer­tainly seems just that much closer to be­ing re­al­ity.

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