REmAstEr, CAp’n?

StarCraft: Remastered

HWM (Malaysia) - - GAX - By Michael Low

Party like it’s 1998

Our mind has a way of mak­ing clas­sic games ap­pear more visu­ally im­pres­sive than they ac­tu­ally are, and this is most ev­i­dent in StarCraft:

Remastered, which up­dates the orig­i­nal ver­sions of StarCraft and Brood War, while keep­ing the core game­play in­tact. This meant that AI and pathfind­ing were left un­touched so as not to up­set the bal­ance, but hotkeys for units and build­ings can now be remapped to suit your playstyle.

Each unit from the three iconic fac­tions was painstak­ingly re­drawn as the orig­i­nal sprites don’t quite hold up on a Full HD dis­play, let alone 4K res­o­lu­tion. Other art as­sets, such as ter­rain tile­sets, menu art­work and an­i­mated por­traits, were sub­jected to vary­ing de­grees of over­haul – the lat­ter mostly to tie in with their StarCraft II in­car­na­tions.

There are now il­lus­trated in­ter­ludes be­tween mis­sions, but fans of the orig­i­nal CG cin­e­mat­ics can rest easy as they are still in the game, and were sim­ply up­sam­pled for this re­lease. The cleaned-up au­dio, in­clud­ing the mu­sic, didn’t sound all that dif­fer­ent when played in English, but voiceovers were re-recorded for French, Ja­panese, and other lo­cal­iza­tions. Mul­ti­player matches, on the other hand, are han­dled by a new match­mak­ing sys­tem, with most cus­tom maps from StarCraft past read­ily com­pat­i­ble with the remastered re­lease.

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