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Avoids ob­sta­cles well. De­sign lets it get into edges. Good suc­tion.

Can’t sched­ule spe­cific clean­ing days. Loud and slow when clean­ing.

The Sam­sung VR7000 POWERbot looks bet­ter in real life than in pic­tures, next to the other util­i­tar­ian-look­ing bots, I’d rate it the sec­ond-best look­ing next to the LG Hom-Bot Turbo+. It doesn’t just pos­sess good looks though; the VR7000 POWERbot is thought­fully de­signed.

In­stead of sim­ply be­ing round or square, the VR7000 POWERbot has a straight edge that juts out from the front (Sam­sung calls this ‘Edge Clean Mas­ter’). This unique fea­ture al­lows the VR7000 POWERbot to clean right to the edges of walls, which the other bots have trou­ble do­ing.

The bin is also thought­fully de­signed. A but­ton pops it out, and it’s eas­ily emp­tied with­out mak­ing much of a mess. It’s trans­par­ent too, so you can sim­ply glance at the bot to see whether or not it needs emptying.

I was doubt­ful about the VR7000 POWERbot’s clean­ing abil­ity when I saw that it was the only bot not to have brushes, which the other bots use to fling dust into the vac­uum. But it sur­prised me with very good suc­tion.

The VR7000 POWERbot is good at avoid­ing ob­sta­cles; it avoided drop­ping down the small ledge into my toi­let. And right out of the box, it also avoided go­ing into the bot-trap that is my sofa – even the iRobot Roomba 980 and the LG Hom-Bot Turbo+ had to learn how to avoid it.

It does have some draw­backs. The VR7000 POWERbot is loud when clean­ing, moves slowly and tends to miss some ar­eas. Its large wheels are sup­posed to help it clear ob­sta­cles like rugs and wires, but I found that it still got tan­gled up in my car­pet’s tas­sels.

And un­like the other three bots in this shootout that are app-con­nected, the VR7000 POWERbot doesn’t have a map for you to dou­ble-check if it cleaned your en­tire house. Speak­ing of the app, like the LG Hom-Bot Turbo+, the VR7000 POWERbot couldn’t con­nect via my home net­work that has a pass­word with spe­cial char­ac­ters.

Af­ter con­nect­ing, I was dis­ap­pointed to find that the app is pretty lim­ited. I’ve al­ready men­tioned the lack of a map, you also can’t sched­ule the VR7000 POWERbot to clean on spe­cific days only, and there’s no ’re­turn to base’ but­ton in the app (but there is a but­ton on the bot).

The bin is thought­fully de­signed to be eas­ily emp­tied.

The VR7000 POWERbot sports a nicelook­ing de­sign.

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