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HyperX Al­loy Elite

HWM (Malaysia) - - TEST - By Ian Chee

Con­clu­sion The hyperX Al­loy Elite is more Al­loy FPS good­ness, with ex­tra tools for those who work with their gam­ing rig.

Back in April, we re­viewed the HyperX Al­loy FPS, which we re­ally liked a lot. Now, we’ve been given the chance to re­view an­other HyperX Al­loy key­board, the Al­loy Elite. Heads up, there’ll be a lot of com­par­isons made be­tween them.

Now, for all in­tents and pur­poses, the Al­loy Elite is very much iden­ti­cal to the Al­loy FPS. But the dif­fer­ences are what sep­a­rates the two, and by ex­ten­sion, their op­ti­mal us­age sce­nar­ios. The most im­me­di­ate dif­fer­ence would be the ex­tra keys at the very top of the key­board. On the left, you have ded­i­cated keys that con­trol the back­light’s bright­ness and mode, as well as a ded­i­cated Gam­ing key to dis­able the Win­dows key.

On the right are ded­i­cated me­dia con­trol but­tons that al­low you to skip to a pre­vi­ous track, play or pause the cur­rent one, skip to the next track, or mute your sys­tem. There’s also a wheel for easy con­trol over the mas­ter vol­ume.

Un­like the Al­loy FPS, the Al­loy Elite comes with a non­de­tach­able USB cable. It’s also es­pe­cially thick, and splits into two USB con­nec­tors at the end. Plug­ging one in would be enough for the key­board to work, but you’ll need both to get the USB 2.0 pass-through to work. This al­lows you to at­tach a mouse to the Al­loy Elite in­stead of us­ing the port sim­ply for charg­ing a mo­bile de­vice.

On the op­po­site end is a de­tach­able wrist rest. It’s not the fan­ci­est by de­sign, but it does have its own vis­ual ap­peal. The tex­tured bit is only found on the seg­ment di­rectly below the QWERTY area, and it does help with main­tain­ing com­fort, es­pe­cially if you’ve got sweaty palms.

And from this point on, it’s all about sim­i­lar­i­ties. The Al­loy Elite is as much a plea­sure to use as the Al­loy FPS was, whether it was for gam­ing or for typ­ing. It also comes in three va­ri­eties of switches – Cherry MX Red, Blue, and Brown. Our re­view unit just hap­pens to be Red.

That said, the dif­fer­ences men­tioned above would mean that the Al­loy Elite is more suited to be con­nected to a work­sta­tion at home than to be brought around. The fixed cable and the wrist rest are vul­ner­a­ble to dam­age if moved around of­ten. You’re also more likely to ap­pre­ci­ate the me­dia con­trol short­cuts if you work with mu­sic.

Not some­thing you’d usu­ally use when gam­ing, but these are re­ally help­ful when you work with mu­sic.

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