Ca­pac­ity Build­ing Ini­tia­tives

High­light on MII Projects (Report as of 30 June 2012)

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Be­low is the devel­op­ment sta­tus of MII’s Ca­pac­ity Build­ing Projects:

1. Devel­op­ment of Pro­fes­sional Qual­i­fi­ca­tion Pro­grammes

There are two pro­grammes un­der Pro­fes­sional Qual­i­fi­ca­tions that are cur­rently un­der devel­op­ment: a) Ba­sic Cer­tifi­cate Course in In­surance Broking & Taka­ful (BCCIBT) The pro­gramme re­ceived its ap­proval from MITBA on 20 April 2012. The train­ing ma­te­rial went through the proof­read­ing ex­er­cise which was com­pleted on 23 May 2012. The fi­nal re­view was done on 15 June 2012. The BCCIBT train­ing ma­te­rial, com­pleted and made avail­able on 26 June 2012, has since been dis­trib­uted to the re­spec­tive de­part­ments. b) Ba­sic Agency Man­age­ment Course (BAMC) Work on the English and Man­darin trans­la­tions was com­pleted on 7 June 2012. The trans­la­tion for Ba­hasa Malaysia is ex­pected to be com­pleted by end of July 2012. The Mod­er­a­tor’s Guide for BAMC was com­pleted on 13 June 2012.

2. Li­brary Man­age­ment Sys­tem

The test-run for the Vir­tua and Vi­tal was com­pleted at the end of June 2012. Cur­rently, the re­view of the User Ac­cep­tance Test for ILS, Dig­i­tal Repos­i­tory and Dis­cov­ery is on­go­ing. The sig­noff on the three com­po­nents is ex­pected to be com­pleted by the end of July 2012.

3. Re­search and Publi­ca­tion for In­surance and Taka­ful Jour­nal

The draft pa­pers sub­mis­sions for the third is­sue of INTAJ were re­ceived and com­piled on 29 June 2012. The se­lec­tion of the jour­nal pa­pers for the is­sue be­gun in July and it is ex­pected to be com­pleted by Septem­ber 2012.

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