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Ac­qui­si­tion list: New books in the Knowl­edge Cen­tre of The Malaysian In­surance In­sti­tute (MII) The fol­low­ing ti­tles are the re­cent ac­qui­si­tions by the Knowl­edge Cen­tre.


Ti­tle: Fi­nan­cial Risk Man­age­ment: Models, His­tory, and In­sti­tu­tions

Au­thor: Al­lan M. Malz Pub­lisher: John Wi­ley & Sons Inc ISBN: 9780470481806 In Fi­nan­cial Risk Man­age­ment, au­thor Al­lan Malz ad­dresses the es­sen­tial is­sues sur­round­ing this dis­ci­pline, shar­ing his ex­ten­sive ca­reer ex­pe­ri­ences as a risk re­searcher, risk man­ager, and cen­tral banker. The book in­cludes stan­dard risk mea­sure­ment models as well as alternative models that ad­dress op­tions, struc­tured credit risks, and the real-world com­plex­i­ties or risk mod­el­ling, and pro­vides the in­sti­tu­tional and his­tor­i­cal back­ground on fi­nan­cial in­no­va­tion, liq­uid­ity, lever­age, and fi­nan­cial crises that is cru­cial to prac­ti­tion­ers and stu­dents of fi­nance for the world to­day.

Ti­tle: A Guide to Foren­sic Ac­count­ing In­ves­ti­ga­tion

Au­thors: Thomas W. Golden, Steven L. Skalak, Mona M. Clay­ton Pub­lisher: Sweet & Maxwell Ltd ISBN: 9780470599075 The Au­di­tor's Guide to Foren­sic Ac­count­ing In­ves­ti­ga­tion ex­plores ex­actly what as­sur­ances au­di­tors should pro­vide and sug­gests al­ter­na­tives to giv­ing the cap­i­tal mar­kets more of what they re­quire which is greater as­sur­ances that the fi­nan­cial state­ments they rely upon for in­vest­ment de­ci­sions are free of ma­te­rial er­ror, in­clud­ing fraud. It re­veals the sur­pris­ing com­plex­ity of fraud de­ter­rence, de­tec­tion, and in­ves­ti­ga­tion, and of­fers a step-by-step ap­proach to un­der­stand­ing that com­plex­ity.

Ti­tle: The Fraud Au­dit : Re­spond­ing to the Risk of Fraud in Core Busi­ness Sys­tems

Au­thor: Leonard W. Vona Pub­lisher: John Wi­ley & Sons ISBN: 9780470647264 Es­sen­tial guid­ance for cre­ation of an ef­fec­tive fraud au­dit pro­gramme in core busi­ness sys­tems. The As­so­ci­a­tion of Cer­ti­fied Fraud Ex­am­in­ers has re­ported that U.S. busi­nesses lose up to $4 bil­lion an­nu­ally due to fraud and abuse. Dis­cover fraud within your busi­ness be­fore yours be­comes an­other busi­ness fraud statis­tic.

Ti­tle: Risk Shar­ing in Fi­nance: The Is­lamic Fi­nance Alternative

Au­thors: Hos­sein Askari, Zamir Iqbal, Ab­bas Mi­rakhor, Noured­dine Krich­ene Pub­lisher: John Wi­ley & Sons ISBN: 9780470829660 The re­cent U.S. fi­nan­cial de­ba­cle has af­fected the en­tire world and led to ma­jor re­views of risk man­age­ment in fi­nan­cial in­sti­tu­tions. Per­haps a sim­pler alternative is just to adopt the sys­tems used for cen­turies in Is­lamic fi­nance. Risk Shar­ing in Fi­nance ex­pounds upon this novel idea, sug­gest­ing that the Is­lamic fi­nan­cial sys­tem can be devel­oped for use around the world by pro­vid­ing a help­ful par­a­digm for craft­ing global fi­nan­cial re­forms.

Ti­tle: Rain­mak­ing Con­ver­sa­tions: In­flu­ence, Per­suade, and Sell in Any Sit­u­a­tion

Au­thor: Mike Schultz ISBN: 9780470922231 Con­ver­sa­tions make or break ev­ery­thing in sales. Ev­ery con­ver­sa­tion you have is an op­por­tu­nity to find new prospects, win new cus­tomers, and in­crease sales. Rain­mak­ing Con­ver­sa­tions pro­vides a proven sys­tem for lead­ing mas­ter­ful con­ver­sa­tions that fill the pipe­line, se­cure new deals, and max­imise the po­ten­tial of your ac­count. Rain­mak­ing Con­ver­sa­tions of­fers a re­search-based, field-tested, and prac­ti­cal sell­ing ap­proach that will help you master the art of sales con­ver­sa­tion. This proven sys­tem re­volves around the acro­nym RAIN, which stands for Rap­port, As­pi­ra­tions and Af­flic­tions, Im­pact, and New Re­al­ity. You'll learn how to ask your prospects and clients the right ques­tions, and help them set the agenda for success.

Ti­tle: Es­sen­tial Math­e­mat­ics for Mar­ket Risk Man­age­ment

Au­thor: Simon Hubbert Pub­lisher: John Wi­ley & Sons ISBN: 9781119979524 With risk man­age­ment top of the agenda for many or­gan­i­sa­tions, this book is es­sen­tial read­ing for get­ting to grips with the math­e­mat­i­cal story be­hind the sub­ject of fi­nan­cial risk man­age­ment. It will take you on a jour­ney—from the early ideas of risk quan­tifi­ca­tion up to to­day's so­phis­ti­cated models and ap­proaches to busi­ness risk man­age­ment.To help you in­ves­ti­gate the most up-to-date, pi­o­neer­ing de­vel­op­ments in mod­ern risk man­age­ment, the book presents sta­tis­ti­cal the­o­ries and shows you how to put sta­tis­ti­cal tools into ac­tion to in­ves­ti­gate ar­eas such as the de­sign of math­e­mat­i­cal models for fi­nan­cial volatil­ity or cal­cu­lat­ing the value at risk for an in­vest­ment port­fo­lio.

Ti­tle: The Fi­nan­cial Ser­vices Mar­ket­ing Hand­book

Au­thors: Eve­lyn Ehrlich PhD, Duke Fanelli Pub­lisher: Bloomberg Fi­nan­cial ISBN: 9781118065716 The Fi­nan­cial Mar­ket­ing Ser­vices Hand­book, Sec­ond Edi­tion gives sales and mar­ket­ing prac­ti­tion­ers the prac­ti­cal tools and best prac­tices they need both to im­prove their job per­for­mance and their re­tail and in­sti­tu­tional mar­ket­ing strate­gies. The FSM Hand­book guides mar­ket­ing and sales pro­fes­sion­als work­ing in an in­dus­try char­ac­terised by cut-throat com­pe­ti­tion, client mis­trust, trans­for­ma­tive tech­nolo­gies, and ever-chang­ing reg­u­la­tion, to un­der­stand the prac­ti­cal steps they must take to turn th­ese threats into op­por­tu­ni­ties.

Ti­tle: Health­care Fraud: Au­dit­ing and De­tec­tion Guide

Au­thor: Re­becca Saltiel Busch Pub­lisher: John Wi­ley & Sons ISBN: 9781118179802 An in­valu­able tool equip­ping health­care pro­fes­sion­als, au­di­tors, and in­ves­ti­ga­tors to de­tect ev­ery kind of health­care fraud. Ac­cord­ing to pri­vate and pub­lic es­ti­mates, bil­lions of dol­lars are lost per hour to health­care waste, fraud, and abuse.

Ti­tle: Health Care in Malaysia

Au­thors: He­ma­tram Ya­dav, Si­ra­joon Noor Ghani Pub­lisher: Univer­sity of Malaya Press ISBN: 9789831004449 This book is writ­ten mainly to pro­vide in­for­ma­tion about the devel­op­ment of health care ser­vices avail­able in Malaysia. The fo­cus is on the pub­lic sec­tor as it pro­vides the-bulk of the ser­vices though the pri­vate sec­tor plays an im­por­tant role in the de­liv­ery of health care.

Ti­tle: Pen­sion Fi­nance: Putting the Risks and Costs of De­fined Ben­e­fit Plans Back Un­der Your Con­trol

Au­thor: M. Barton War­ing Pub­lisher: John Wi­ley & Sons ISBN: 9781118106365 Pen­sion Fi­nance: Putting the Risks and Costs of De­fined Ben­e­fit Plans Back un­der Your Con­trol walks the reader through the con­ven­tional ac­tu­ar­ial and ac­count­ing ap­proaches to fi­nanc­ing pen­sion ben­e­fits and in­vest­ing plan as­sets, show­ing that the prob­lems de­scribed hap­pen as a nat­u­ral con­se­quence of the dated meth­ods still in use. It shows in de­tail how mod­ern meth­ods based on mar­ket value will eas­ily min­imise th­ese risks: Pen­sion plans can in fact be com­fort­able for em­ploy­ers to spon­sor and safe for em­ploy­ees to de­pend on for their re­tire­ment needs.

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