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Chief Ex­ec­u­tive Of­fi­cer The Malaysian In­surance In­sti­tute (MII)

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If I may share with you some in­sights on the KMTF col­lab­o­ra­tion to give you a bet­ter un­der­stand­ing on this new role un­der­taken by us. KMTF held its first meet­ing on 14 De­cem­ber 2010 and since then, KMTF has made some progress in es­tab­lish­ing its ob­jec­tives, roadmap and key ini­tia­tives. We are hon­oured to be ap­pointed by the Board of Asian In­sti­tute of Fi­nance (AIF) to lead this cross cut­ting project. This project fo­cuses on the in­te­gra­tion of knowl­edge man­age­ment among AIF, In­sti­tute of Bankers Malaysia (IBBM), IBFIM and MII. Sub­se­quently, the In­ter­na­tional Cen­tre for Ed­u­ca­tion in Is­lamic Fi­nance (INCEIF) vol­un­teered to be part of this im­por­tant col­lab­o­ra­tion and hence early this year, INCEIF was warmly wel­comed into the team and was in­cluded as the fifth mem­ber of KMTF. We are hon­oured to have INCEIF on board con­sid­er­ing INCEIF is a re­spected and rep­utable global univer­sity in Is­lamic Fi­nance.

We are also priv­i­leged to have Bank Ne­gara Malaysia (BNM) and Se­cu­ri­ties Com­mis­sion Malaysia (SC) as our ad­vi­sors in our ef­fort to draw the KM roadmap and to start putting in place the nec­es­sary build­ing blocks. As we all know, BNM and SC have their own highly es­tab­lished knowl­edge man­age­ment prac­tice based on in­ter­na­tional bench­marks and best

prac­tices. With the strong sup­port and back­ing of BNM and SC in ad­vis­ing the KMTF Com­mit­tee on the di­rec­tion of the in­te­grated knowl­edge man­age­ment, the blue­print and the project im­ple­men­ta­tion, we strongly be­lieve that we are all mov­ing on the right track to achiev­ing our ob­jec­tives. Through this col­lab­o­ra­tion, we are ex­pect­ing bet­ter ef­fi­ciency in the costs and re­sources in knowl­edge man­age­ment. This is im­por­tant as knowl­edge in the fi­nan­cial in­dus­try is very broad and it in­ter­links with one an­other. KMTF aims to in­te­grate and con­sol­i­date all this knowl­edge for the ben­e­fit of ev­ery­one, es­pe­cially for MII mem­bers and stu­dents.

The MOU signed by the five mem­bers of KMTF serves to for­malise the com­mit­ment to fur­ther cham­pion the ob­jec­tives of Knowl­edge Man­age­ment (KM). How­ever, it is im­por­tant to men­tion that even with­out an MOU all th­ese years, it hadn’t stopped all the in­sti­tutes from work­ing to­gether and we have been shar­ing and ex­chang­ing ideas, in­for­ma­tion and re­sources. There­fore, the KMTF marks and sym­bol­ises a for­mal col­lab­o­ra­tion that gives our con­certed ef­forts and com­mit­ment more fo­cus. This task force will pro­vide a plat­form for co­op­er­a­tion among all the par­tic­i­pat­ing in­sti­tutes for mu­tual and joint co­op­er­a­tion, to fur­ther build our re­sources, to max­imise ac­ces­si­bil­ity and shar­ing strate­gies from printed to elec­tronic and dig­i­tal re­sources as we work to­wards the Knowl­edge Man­age­ment Master Plan for the in­dus­try. And at the same time, to achieve the ob­jec­tives of MII in pro­vid­ing an in­ter­na­tion­ally recog­nised knowl­edge man­age­ment cen­tre.

The chal­lenge for MII within this eco­nomic and fi­nan­cial en­vi­ron­ment is to up­grade hu­man re­source ex­per­tise and skills while en­hanc­ing the pro­fes­sional stan­dards of the in­surance in­dus­try. One of the main chal­lenges for MII, as a non-profit or­gan­i­sa­tion, is to work within lim­ited re­sources in build­ing re­source ca­pac­ity for the in­dus­try. How­ever, MII is very for­tu­nate and hon­oured to re­ceive sig­nif­i­cant fi­nan­cial sup­port from BNM and the in­surance in­dus­try to be utilised in our ca­pac­ity build­ing projects.

Apart from ca­pac­ity build­ing projects, it is to build a stronger co­op­er­a­tion among the in­sti­tutes by lev­er­ag­ing on each oth­ers’ fa­cil­i­ties, ex­per­tise, knowl­edge and re­sources to boost each in­sti­tute’s ca­pac­ity. Through this col­lab­o­ra­tion, MII can cer­tainly ex­pand its role by pro­vid­ing more added value ser­vices to the in­dus­try in ad­di­tion to its train­ing, ex­am­i­na­tion, mem­ber­ship and pro­fes­sional pro­gramme of­fer­ings. MII can ex­plore new ways to cul­ti­vate a knowl­edge cul­ture in the in­dus­try by of­fer­ing more out-of-class­room knowl­edge-based ac­tiv­i­ties and plat­forms for the in­surance fra­ter­nity. This will fur­ther spear­head our aim to be the best in­surance knowl­edge cen­tre in the re­gion.

MII is also putting in its best ef­fort in pro­mot­ing ca­reers in the in­surance in­dus­try to the pub­lic, namely via, se­ries of aware­ness ses­sions with the univer­si­ties, pub­li­ca­tions, ex­hi­bi­tions and with mem­ber­ship ac­tiv­i­ties. We would like to en­cour­age tal­ented peo­ple to join the in­dus­try and to re­tune their per­spec­tive about in­surance.

KMTF would pro­vide the best plat­form for this re­quire­ment as it will ex­pand our cur­rent ef­forts to a wider au­di­ence. This will also give peo­ple more op­tions to pur­sue their ca­reers in the fi­nan­cial ser­vices sec­tor, which will bring high re­turns not only for them but also to the growth of the econ­omy. Through KMTF, MII would also be able to learn and lever­age from the other in­sti­tutes’ knowl­edge devel­op­ment to fur­ther en­hance our role in pro­mot­ing in­surance as a pre­ferred ca­reer path.

Re­cently, MII knowl­edge cen­tre has im­ple­mented a pow­er­ful knowl­edge crawler en­gine known as MII Visualizer. The new sys­tem brings to­gether our on­line and phys­i­cal col­lec­tions and re­sources: books, e-books, jour­nals, jour­nal ar­ti­cles, news ar­ti­cles, au­dio video ma­te­ri­als etc. and al­lows them to be searched from a sin­gle point within a sin­gle sys­tem called the MII Visualizer. Un­der the KMTF col­lab­o­ra­tion, the MII Visualizer knowl­edge crawler can also per­form in other af­fil­i­ated in­sti­tutes’ and part­ners’ Open Pub­lic Ac­cess Cat­a­logue (OPAC). This would as­sist our mem­bers in lo­cat­ing re­sources from mul­ti­ple lo­ca­tions in no time. Ac­ces­si­bil­ity to other spe­cialised li­braries will be pos­si­ble and eas­ier as this ar­range­ment al­lows MII mem­bers to ac­cess spe­cialised li­braries that are

un­der the col­lab­o­ra­tion pro­grammes. Mem­bers would not only ben­e­fit from our col­lec­tions but also our part­ners’ col­lec­tions.

The in­te­grated Com­mu­nity of Prac­tice (CoP) will be made pos­si­ble un­der this col­lab­o­ra­tion as the fi­nan­cial mar­kets con­verge i.e. cap­i­tal and debt mar­ket, money mar­ket, Is­lamic bank­ing and fi­nance, in­surance and taka­ful etc. MII will soon ini­ti­ate some In­surance Com­mu­nity of Prac­tice (i-CoP) us­ing the suc­cess­ful CoP model im­ple­mented by its af­fil­i­ated in­sti­tutes. MII will also em­bark on In­surance Ex­perts Yel­low Pages (i-EYP) us­ing the suc­cess­ful ap­proach by its af­fil­i­ated in­sti­tutes. The i-EYP is one of the knowl­edge man­age­ment tools which we can use to cap­ture a list of ex­perts in our in­dus­try. The ben­e­fit of hav­ing the list is to pro­mote knowl­edge mo­bil­i­sa­tion among the in­dus­try mem­bers and lo­cat­ing the ex­perts will be less painful and ex­pen­sive. An in­ter­ac­tive plat­form is ex­pected to be devel­oped whereby the in­dus­try mem­bers can ask for opin­ions and ad­vice. The i-EYP also helps to sup­port our fu­ture plans on cod­i­fi­ca­tion of tacit knowl­edge pro­gramme which aims to ad­dress knowl­edge loss is­sues. Knowl­edge Man­age­ment Con­sult­ing Ser­vices is also part of the plan. This con­sult­ing ser­vice will help in­dus­try mem­bers set up their own KM frame­work, strate­gies and ac­tiv­i­ties which can help to boost the com­pany and peo­ple’s com­pet­i­tive­ness. KMTF al­lows MII to lever­age on ex­per­tise from other af­fil­i­ated in­sti­tutes. Other plans in­clude cross cut­ting re­search and sym­po­siums.

The Government’s man­date to po­si­tion Malaysia as the tal­ent hub for the re­gion is a tall or­der. As stated in the Fi­nan­cial Sec­tor Master Plan, the Malaysian fi­nan­cial in­dus­try is evolv­ing and, MII is now pre­par­ing it­self to achieve its mis­sion to be the re­spected and pre­ferred pro­fes­sional body for the in­surance fra­ter­nity lo­cally and in other emerg­ing mar­kets. In en­sur­ing that our of­fer­ings are up to the cur­rent stan­dards and re­quire­ments of the in­dus­try, MII has been syn­di­cat­ing in­ten­sively and ex­ten­sively with its stake­hold­ers namely, its Board of Direc­tors, pro­fes­sional mem­bers, in­dus­try chief ex­ec­u­tive of­fi­cers and hu­man re­source man­agers, and rep­re­sen­ta­tives from the in­surance in­dus­try statu­tory as­so­ci­a­tions: PIAM, LIAM, MITBA and AMLA.

MII is all about pro­mot­ing con­tin­u­ous learn­ing and knowl­edge cul­ture, es­pe­cially through our pro­fes­sional flag­ship pro­grammes, As­so­ci­ate­ship of The Malaysian In­surance In­sti­tute (AMII) and Di­ploma of The Malaysian In­surance In­sti­tute (DMII). This will also be phased out with the in­tro­duc­tion of MII’s new qual­i­fi­ca­tions frame­work, which is to be launched by the sec­ond quar­ter of 2013. With over 40 years of ex­pe­ri­ence in this line, MII is ready to set a new and higher stan­dard in its role to the in­dus­try with our new MII Trans­for­ma­tion Plan to be launched in the sec­ond quar­ter of next year. Mov­ing for­ward, MII will not only be the pre­ferred train­ing and ed­u­ca­tion provider for the in­dus­try, but we will strengthen our man­date to be­come a full-fledged pro­fes­sional body for the in­surance fra­ter­nity.

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