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and you’ll come across the gor­geous town of Zadar, about half­way be­tween Senj and Split. Con­sid­ered by many to be a mini-ver­sion of Dubrovnik, (or rather what Dubrovnik was like two decades ago), this pic­turesque hub boasts a bril­liant his­tor­i­cal cen­tre chock-a-block with an­cient Ro­man ru­ins and a beau­ti­fully land­scaped sea­side board­walk. If you’d like to see some­thing truly ex­tra­or­di­nary then head to the north­ern tip of the old town and ex­pe­ri­ence Zadar’s mag­i­cal ‘Sea Or­gan’. The Sea Or­gan is a com­plex of or­gan pipes in­terred in the pier steps which are open to the sea; as the waves come crash­ing in, air is pushed out of the cham­bers and the or­gan pro­duces the most divine mu­si­cal score you’ll ever hear –and you can hear it all the way into the city cen­ter.

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