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amed writer Oliver Wen­dell Holmes once said: “Men do not quit play­ing be­cause they grow old; they grow old be­cause they quit play­ing.” Play­time or recre­ation is a ne­ces­sity f or us all, to take our mind off the usual str esses in life, or to sim­ply pass time – r egard­less of how young or old we are. Which then leads us to hav­ing a ded­i­cated space for recre­ation. Some peo­ple may pre­fer go­ing out to karaoke joints, oth­ers with chil­dren may take their kids to a park or play­ground, oth­ers then, build their own within their homes. If your idea of a fun time is g ather­ing friends to­gether and show­ing off your sing­ing tal­ents, or have them sing for you, then a good sound sys­tem is what you would need. But why just stop at good sound; to make the space truly fun, aes­thet­ics also play a role. Or, if you’re a par­ent, you may want to have a sec­tion for your kids as well. Per­haps you’re the sort who en­joys a qui­eter am­bi­ence – that can be done, too. All you need is enough space and the right ‘toys’ to fill it with. Make sure you don’t clut­ter the place though. Ide­ally the room should serve to re­lieve stress, and thus, have the per­fect amount of space for you and guests to have fun and move around freely – with­out knock­ing int o items, or tram­pling over model trains or stuffed an­i­mals. De­pend­ing on the amount of space y ou can af­ford and the type of fun y ou are into, we have come up with a num­ber of op­tions of items for you to choose from – for the au­dio­philes who love to sing their hearts out, to those who pre­fer qui­eter think­ing games, and some that en­cour­age cheer­ing – all of which will guar­ant ee that you (and your guests) have a good time in the com­forts of your own home.

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