Snap, fil­ter, post—are we too busy liv­ing our lives through our phones that we for­get how to live in the mo­ment? #thi­sis­real

Marie Claire (Malaysia) - - News - Se­nior Fash­ion Ed­i­tor AZZA ARIF

Ev­ery­one with any kind of smart­phone is a pho­tog­ra­pher. I’m one, you’re one, and that lady tak­ing your or­der right now at that fast food chain is one too. Though there is no deny­ing that im­age shar­ing is great, I do be­lieve there are mo­ments when one should sim­ply put their phones down and en­joy what is hap­pen­ing around them — and one of those mo­ments would be at the shows dur­ing Fash­ion Week. Run­way eti­quettes are rewrit­ten in to­day’s phone­cen­tric, celebrity-ob­sessed world; a world where we want to doc­u­ment fash­ion as it hap­pens, whether through count­less shots of a show venue, a boomerang of the open­ing look, or a Snapchat story of a fi­nale. But aren’t our dig­i­tal frenzy habits get­ting a lit­tle too out of hand? Some­times I wish we could all just put our phones down and im­merse our­selves in a de­signer’s uni­verse, ap­pre­ci­ate some­thing that a team of peo­ple have spent months plan­ning and ex­e­cut­ing, and ac­tu­ally do our jobs of look­ing at the de­tails, study­ing them and later, re­port­ing on them. In­stead, ev­ery­one in at­ten­dance ap­pears to be less in­ter­ested in ob­serv­ing the col­lec­tions closely and more con­cerned about cre­at­ing vi­su­als at that very mo­ment for the rest of the world to ‘ like’, that they end up leav­ing a show feel­ing like they didn’t ac­tu­ally see it. The mo­ment you click away while a show is hap­pen­ing, you dis­con­nect your­self from what is go­ing on, and you end up not pay­ing at­ten­tion to the col­lec­tion pre­sented be­fore you. I know this first hand, be­cause I too am guilty of whip­ping my phone out, and stretch­ing my arms to in­sta-shoot be­fore the first model even makes her pres­ence on­stage. Af­ter all, as a pub­li­ca­tion you have a re­spon­si­bil­ity to keep read­ers and fol­low­ers in the loop, giv­ing them full in­sight on what you are see­ing the mo­ment you are see­ing it.

I try to limit this to just the open­ing and the fi­nale. And in be­tween, while i’m strain­ing my neck try­ing to look over the out­stretched arms of the Ed­i­tor next to me, I re­alised how uneasy it felt to be the only one not hav­ing my phone out the en­tire time— I felt, sur­pris­ingly, like an out­cast. There’s some­thing eerie about sit­ting in a crowd where ev­ery­one has men­tally dis­con­nected. Could the fear of miss­ing out (#fomo) on so­cial me­dia be so much more im­por­tant than ac­tu­ally miss­ing out on what is hap­pen­ing in real life? Does the real ac­tion re­ally hap­pen on your smart­phone, and is it worth putting in all that ef­fort to get to the shows, only to be view­ing it with the rest of the world via your screens? All I can say is let the pho­tog­ra­phers do their jobs and con­cen­trate on the show. I prom­ise you, your ex­pe­ri­ence would be that much bet­ter. #BringBack­Fash­ionWeek

MaxMara FW17 fash­ion show at MFW. Yes, this was how it was the en­tire time

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