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As in 30 grams of pro­tein at ev­ery meal. A pork chop, a sal­mon fil­let, or 1½ cups of cot­tage cheese has at least that much. Pro­tein not only helps you build and main­tain mus­cle but also keeps your appetite in check. Peo­ple who eat high-pro­tein meals feel fuller for longer than those who eat low-pro­tein meals, ac­cord­ing to a new Pur­due Uni re­view. So if you stock up on pro­tein at meal­time, you’re less likely to tear open a 300-calo­rie snack bar later in the day. Here’s an easy trick for vi­su­al­is­ing 30 grams: If the serv­ing of meat or seafood in ques­tion is slightly larger than the palm of your hand, you’ll likely hit that cru­cial 30 grams when you chow down.

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