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I’m tempted to get a pe­nile im­plant – I’ve heard it’s safe. True?

– JOHN Safe is one thing. Nec­es­sary? That’s an­other. An im­plant is a re­li­able op­tion for guys strug­gling with erec­tile dys­func­tion who’ve tried med­i­ca­tion or in­spi­ra­tion with­out suc­cess. And thanks to sur­gi­cal ad­vances and an­tibi­otic coat­ings on the de­vices, in­fec­tion rates have fallen un­der one per­cent. That doesn’t mean they’re prob­lem-free; see a urol­o­gist who’s had lots of ex­pe­ri­ence with them.

My pe­nis is slightly curved. Can I straighten it out?

– TERRY Most penises have a slight curve when fully erect, so don’t worry – you’re nor­mal and it shouldn’t cause prob­lems. Even if you wanted to straighten it, you shouldn’t try. Men with se­vere cur­va­ture dur­ing erec­tions – so curved that en­ter­ing a part­ner is dif­fi­cult – may have Pey­ronie’s dis­ease, caused by scar tis­sue build-up. In that case, they can try pills or surgery to re­duce the an­gle of cur­va­ture. But your bend might be a ben­e­fit, lead­ing you to hit the right spot for her.

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