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The best chefs around trans­formed all of your favourite cheat meals into mus­cle fuel.

From mega burg­ers to mi­cro­greens, karaage chicken to kalette crisps, never has there been such a di­chotomy in what we eat. But sep­a­rat­ing food into ves­sels for vice and virtue serves no one, es­pe­cially when you can have a por­tion of both. This, gen­tle­men, is our guide to clean eat­ing for dirty ap­petites

FOOD, LIKE FASH­ION, IS sus­cep­ti­ble to trends. Taste is sub­jec­tive; it’s at the mercy of va­gary and whim. But what about nour­ish­ment? You might think that nu­tri­tion – it be­ing a science, and there­fore by def­i­ni­tion ob­jec­tive – would be im­per­vi­ous to im­pulse. Yet in 2017, “eat­ing clean” re­mains as on trend as Yeezy Boosts.

Con­se­quently, these are con­fus­ing times to be a foodie with a vested in­ter­est in his health. Never be­fore has there been so much choice be­tween food that hard­ens ar­ter­ies on sight and so-called “clean” fare that even the most yield­ing Instagram fil­ter can’t make tooth­some. Al­though ten­der­stem broc­coli sales are up 25%, one of the most-watched TV shows now is sugar-laced Great Bri­tish Bake-Off. Which raises the ques­tion: what­ever hap­pened to the mid­dle ground?

Now, if the strain of this ar­gu­ment feels like it’s headed to­ward a sen­si­ble con­clu­sion that mod­er­a­tion is key, fear not. We have tasked nu­tri­tion­ist Rhi­an­non Lam­bert ( rhitri­tion. com) and a team of chefs to come up with recipes that de­liver on both glut­tonous de­sire and nu­tri­tional ben­e­fit. And as any­one who has ever sunk their teeth into a hot dog on le­git­i­mate health grounds can at­test, these guys have more than met the chal­lenge. We think these meals are wor­thy of their own hash­tag: #dirty­but­clean. Each will sat­isfy base in­stincts as keenly as it mit­i­gates al­i­men­tary fall­out. Go on. Have your cake and eat it.

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