Where is the myth­i­cal ‘lac­tate thresh­old’, and can you take me there?

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Cer­tainly. Lac­tate is pro­duced in your mus­cles dur­ing in­tense ex­er­cise. This leads to an in­crease in acid­ity, which is what causes you to “feel the burn, bro” and pos­si­bly want to vomit over your train­ers. Your lac­tate thresh­old is the max­i­mum ef­fort your body can main­tain for a pe­riod of time. It’s also your most ac­cu­rate pre­dic­tor of fit­ness. Al­though your body can only han­dle a lim­ited amount of time work­ing at your thresh­old, not get­ting there at all is like tap­ping a nail with a pen­cil in­stead of a ham­mer. “Try in­cor­po­rat­ing fartlek runs into your work­outs – en­durance runs with a mix of fast and slow pac­ing, which bring you above then back be­low the thresh­old,” says Dr. Mark Peter­son, a pro­fes­sor of phys­i­cal medicine at the Univer­sity of Michi­gan. Or if you want to mon­i­tor your thresh­old like the pros, the BSXin­sight ( bsxin­sight.com) wear­able is as ac­cu­rate as a blood test. No nee­dles re­quired.

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