Each thigh bone at­taches to a socket in your pelvis. A car­ti­lage coat­ing al­lows for smooth move­ment. Lig­a­ments, ten­dons and mus­cles pro­vide sta­bil­ity and range of mo­tion. But things can go awry. Watch out for these seven com­mon hips prob­lems, and learn ho

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1/ Mus­cle Strain

This hap­pens when your mus­cle fi­bres stretch or rip, of­ten dur­ing a sud­den turn or jump – com­mon move­ments in football or hockey. The typ­i­cal rem­edy is rest and al­ter­nat­ing ice and heat ther­apy to re­lieve the pain as it heals.

2/ Tendinopa­thy

Mus­cle weak­ness or overuse can dam­age the ten­dons that link your glutes to your hip bones. You might feel sore when walk­ing, climb­ing stairs, or ly­ing on the af­fected side. Train your hip ab­duc­tor mus­cles – learn how on the next page.

3/ Bur­si­tis

Bur­sae are like mini pil­lows that cush­ion your hips; the av­er­age hip has six of them. Bur­si­tis oc­curs when these sacs be­come ir­ri­tated. Your risk goes up if you run on hard sur­faces, so go with a track or grass.

4/ Torn Labrum

The labrum is the gas­ket­like ring of car­ti­lage that lines each hip joint. Squats and lunges, which re­quire deep bend­ing, can wear it down un­til it tears. This may re­quire sur­gi­cal re­pair. If these moves cause hip pain dur­ing your work­out, avoid them.

5/ Arthri­tis

The car­ti­lage in your joints can de­te­ri­o­rate over time from wear and tear, in­juries, de­for­mi­ties, and too much body weight. To stay ac­tive, try Nordic walk­ing, that kooky style of strid­ing with poles. It can help you strengthen arthritic hips with­out ir­ri­tat­ing them, ac­cord­ing to Scan­di­na­vian re­search.

6/ Ge­netic Is­sues

Ex­er­cise can cause pain in peo­ple who have an un­der­ly­ing hip ab­nor­mal­ity. Dys­pla­sia is when a hip is slightly dis­lo­cated be­cause the socket is too shal­low. Doc­tors try to de­tect this in ba­bies, but it’s of­ten missed and lingers into adult­hood. Im­pinge­ment is when ex­tra bone in a hip makes the thigh­bone crush the socket. Surgery may be needed.

7/ Stress Frac­ture

If you do the same mo­tion too of­ten, a hip bone can crack. Train­ing for a marathon, for ex­am­ple, may cause a stress frac­ture. Your risk spikes if you sud­denly amp up the in­ten­sity, so fol­low a grad­ual train­ing plan. And we’ve got plenty for you on our web­site: mens-health.com.my/ tag/key­word/run­ning

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