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Too many well-made burg­ers are ru­ined by be­ing man­han­dled on the grill. The se­cret to a meaty burger with a good bite: do­ing noth­ing. Put the pat­ties on a hot grill and then step back. Don’t press on them with a spat­ula. Don’t shuffle them around the grate. Don’t close the grill lid. Our re­peated tests showed that the burger pat­ties we flipped just once de­vel­oped a bet­ter outer crust and juicier cen­tre than burg­ers we flipped fre­quently.


A burger will tell you when it’s done. See the blood and juice seep­ing through the sur­face? Trans­la­tion: “Eat me now!”

2 Af­ter 5 min­utes, flip. Wait 3 more, or un­til done to your specs (60°C for medium; 63°C to sat­isfy the USDA).


Wipe the grate with an oiled pa­per towel. Place the meat over di­rect medium-high heat. Set a timer for 5 min­utes.

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