China should not re­tal­i­ate over de­ploy­ment of US anti-mis­sile sys­tem, says S. Korean pres­i­den­tial con­tender

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GYALTSEN NORBU, 11th Panchen Lama Area De­fence (THAAD) anti-mis­sile sys­tem is likely to be a con­tentious is­sue in the cam­paign.

Moon, a hu­man rights lawyer and prom­i­nent lib­eral politi­cian who has been lead­ing in opin­ion polls, said the gov­ern­ment had mis­han­dled the de­ploy­ment plan by rush­ing into it and with­out pub­lic con­sen­sus.

China is ve­he­mently op­posed to South Korea’s agree­ment with the US to de­ploy the THAAD sys­tem in the South against North Korea’s mis­sile threat.

The US and South Korea said THAAD was for de­fence against North Korea, but China feared its pow­er­ful radar could probe deep into its ter­ri­tory and com­pro­mise its se­cu­rity. The US be­gan to de­ploy the sys­tem a week ago, a day af­ter North Korea test-fired four mis­siles. Reuters



South Kore­ans protest­ing against the de­ploy­ment of the Ter­mi­nal High-Al­ti­tude Area De­fence (THAAD) anti-mis­sile sys­tem in Seoul yes­ter­day. (Inset) The first of two THAAD in­ter­cep­tors launched dur­ing a test at an undis­closed lo­ca­tion in the US.

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