‘Glow­ing’ frog found in Ar­gentina

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BUENOS AIRES: The first nat­u­rally flu­o­res­cent frog was dis­cov­ered re­cently in Ar­gentina, al­most by chance, a mem­ber of the team of re­searchers said on Thurs­day.

Ar­gen­tine and Brazil­ian sci­en­tists at the Bernardino Ri­vadaiva Nat­u­ral Sci­ences Mu­seum made the dis­cov­ery while study­ing the meta­bolic ori­gin of pig­ments in a tree-frog com­mon to South Amer­ica. Un­der nor­mal light, the frog’s translu­cent skin was a muted yel­low­ish-brown colour with red dots, but when the sci­en­tists shone an ul­tra­vi­o­let light on it, it turned a ce­les­tial green.

The case is “the first sci­en­tific record of a flu­o­res­cent frog”, said re­searcher Car­los Taboada.

The team stud­ied some 200 more ex­am­ples to en­sure the phe­nom­e­non was not due to the frog’s cap­tiv­ity, and de­tected the flu­o­res­cent prop­er­ties in all the spec­i­mens. AFP

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A flu­o­res­cent polka-dot tree frog (Hypsi­boas punc­ta­tus) that lives in South Amer­ica.

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