Why wait?


DO you know how many episodes a tele­vi­sion drama se­ries can run up to? It can be quite long, de­pend­ing on the cre­ativ­ity of the writ­ers.

I stum­bled upon one such drawn-out drama se­ries by chance re­cently. In the first episode, the pro­tag­o­nist (a dashing hero to boot) meets a girl who works in the same place he does. He keeps his at­trac­tion in check and pre­tends it’s just an­other day at the of­fice.

The hap­less hero falls deeply in love with her as time goes by and be­comes mis­er­able (un­re­quited love does that some­times). He con­fides his feel­ings to his friends who en­cour­age him to ask her out. Un­for­tu­nately, he never finds the courage to do so. The story is stretched for many more episodes. By then, ev­ery­one in the of­fice knows he likes the girl, ex­cept the girl!

Fifty episodes later — yes, that long — the fi­nale fi­nally rolls in. In the first half, he still hasn’t con­fessed his feel­ings to the clue­less girl. By that time, I con­clude that he would prob­a­bly never do it. Five min­utes left on the show (with the news com­ing on soon after), and I am won­der­ing when the ag­o­nis­ingly long “love” af­fair would come to a con­clu­sion. True enough, with lit­er­ally min­utes left, the girl is shown cross­ing a street when sud­denly (oh, the drama), a speed­ing car hits her. In dra­matic slow­mo­tion, she falls into the love­struck guy’s arms, bleed­ing pro­fusely.

The hap­less hero fi­nally con­fesses his

love for her as they rush to hos­pi­tal and there the drama con­cludes. The news fi­nally comes on and I’m left won­der­ing how the story would have turned out if he had found the courage to con­fess his feel­ings much ear­lier. The story would have fo­cused on their re­la­tion­ship; them hav­ing the best times of their lives. In­stead, it was a long story (with many point­less episodes) of missed op­por­tu­ni­ties.

I can’t help but won­der if there are oc­ca­sions where we be­have like the pro­tag­o­nist?

Do we post­pone say­ing “I love you” to our loved ones un­til our life draws to its fi­nal episode? How many times have we pro­cras­ti­nated, wait­ing for the “right” mo­ment to do some­thing good for them?

The an­swers to th­ese ques­tions can be a rev­e­la­tion, es­pe­cially if we have been tak­ing things for granted. Life is fleet­ing and un­pre­dictable. We will never know when lives may end. It may be too late then.

A bet­ter strat­egy would be to change our life sto­ries by not sup­press­ing our feel­ings. Do what you can to sum­mon that courage within you. If you’re al­ready blessed with a fam­ily, don’t hold any­thing back. Tell them, and then tell them again how much you love them.

Shower them with af­fec­tion and love to­day be­cause to­mor­row is never promised to us.

Stop wait­ing for “right” mo­ments such as birth­days and an­niver­saries to do some­thing spe­cial. Don’t let our story be an ag­o­nis­ing painful drama just be­cause we in­sist on wait­ing un­til the fi­nal episode to tell oth­ers how we re­ally feel.

Don’t wait un­til the last minute to tell your loved ones how you re­ally feel.

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