Ros­alind turns down na­tional call-up to train to­wards an Olympic medal

New Straits Times - - Sport - Khiew Hoe Yan (Kul) 2:22.55s;

ARNAZ M. KHAIRUL arnaz@nst.com.my year, where she also bagged a sil­ver in the 200m back­stroke and bronze in the 800m freestyle.

Ros­alind is al­ready prov­ing to be a com­pe­tent dis­tance swim­mer in the mould of Yi Ting.

Her gold medals thus far are in the un­der-18 100m but­ter­fly, 200m back­stroke, 200m freestyle and 800m freestyle.

She bagged a sil­ver yes­ter­day in the 200m in­di­vid­ual med­ley, as she did in the 100m freestyle and 50m back­stroke. She is look­ing at two more medals be­fore the end of the meet.

“I’ve made plans to move to the United States af­ter this, as I want to step up in swim­ming to­wards achiev­ing my dreams of mak­ing the Olympics and win­ning a medal there. But I also need to fur­ther my stud­ies, so this would be the best step for­ward,” said Ros­alind.

In the boys’ sec­tion, Malacca’s un­der-15 sen­sa­tion Lau Zheng Yong added yet an­other meet record to his name when he bagged the 200m in­di­vid­ual med­ley gold in two min­utes 14.73 sec­onds, equalling Se­bas­tian Soon’s record set in last-year’s meet.

It was 14-year old Zheng Yong’s third gold medal of the meet and his se­cond record af­ter smash­ing Daniel Bego’s 13-year old 100m but­ter­fly mark on Mon­day.

Boys’s Un­der-12, 100m freestyle:


50m back­stroke:

200m in­di­vid­ual

Un­der-15, 100m freestyle:

50m back­stroke:

200m in­di­vid­ual med­ley:

Un­der-18, 100m frestyle:

50m back­stroke:

200m in­di­vid­ual med­ley:

Girls’ Un­der-12, 100m freestyle:

50m back­stroke:

200m in­di­vid­ual med­ley:

Un­der-15, 100m freestyle:

1 Tong Yu Jing (Pen) 1:02.26s, 2 Ooi Yong Jin (Ter) 1:03.70s, 3 Whisky Chew (Sel) 1:04.54s;

1 Sa­muel Ng (Sab) 33.18s, 2 Yap Yong Jie (Kul) 33.67s, 3 Arniesh Chai (Sel) 35.22s;

1 Yap Yong Jie (Kul) 2:38.33s, 2 Chan Jun Wei (Kul) 2:41.10s, 3 Tong Yu Jing (Pen) 2:44.09s;

1 Muham­mad Naqeb Rosli (Swk) 55.71s, 2 Khiew Hoe Yan (Kul) 56.27s, 3 Ger­ard Tsen (Sab) 57.05s;

Khiew Hoe Yan (Kul) 29.16s, 2 Wong Fu Liang (Joh) 30.05s, 3 Ni­cholas Gan (Joh) 30.45s;

1 Low Zheng Yong (Mal) 2:14.73s (rec), 2 Hii Puong Wei (Swk) 2:16.92s, 3

1 Ter­ence Ng (Sel) 53.93s, 2 Low Ken Ji (Kul) 54.62s, 3 Tan Tsien Ee (Sel) 54.92s; 1 Ter­ence Ng (Sel) 28.59s, 2 Parvin Ra­jen­dran (Mal) 28.89s, 3 Bran­don Goh (Sel) 29.48s; 1 Se­bas­tian Soon (Sel) 2:11.72s, 2 Lim Zi Win (Sel) 2:15.29s, 3 Kil­ian Ung (Swk) 2:16.26s;

1 Hooy Jia Yee (Pen) 1:05.89s, 2 Yong Xing Ru (Sab) 1:06.89s, 3 Song Joe Han (Pen) 1:06.94s;

1 Song Joe Han (Pen) 35.05s, 2 Law Li Wei (Kul) 35.73s, 3 Teh Tzi Lin (Sel) 36.46s; 1 Law Li Wei (Kul) 2:41.29s, 2 Jess­lyn Lim (Pen) 2:41.84s, 3 Teo Zhi Mei (Mal) 2:43.31s;

1 Elise Wong (Sel) 1:02.40s, 2 Lim Xiao Wei (Prk) 1:02.90s, 3 Ong Yong Qi (Joh) 1:03.05s; 1 Nessa Yip (Sel) 32.23s, 2 Goh Chia Tong (Mal) 32.28s, 3 Christy Teh (Kul) 33.05s;

1 Ong Yong Qi (Joh) 2:29.83s, 2 An­gelina Chan (Sel) 2:30.97s, 3 Christy Teh (Kul) 2:34.15s;

50m back­stroke:

200m in­di­vid­ual med­ley:

Un­der-18, 100m freestyle:

1 Elynn Tan (Pen) 1:00.52s, 2 Ros­alind Pang (Sel) 1:01.57s, 3 Fatin Amira Ah­mad Hadri (Sel) 1:02.51s;

1 Karla Lim (Kul) 34.15s, 2 Fatin Raud­hoh (Mal) 34.82s, 3 Hoe Cui Yu (Joh) 35.04s;

1 Na­dia Adri­anna Redza (Sel) 2:25.70s, 2 Ros­alind Pang (Sel) 2:33.61s, 3 Elynn Tan (Pen) 2:37.46s.


200m in­di­vid­ual med­ley:


Ros­alind Pang has won gold in the un­der-18 100m but­ter­fly, 200m back­stroke, 200m freestyle and 800m freestyle.

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