DAP ac­cu­sa­tion that Is­lamic party has gone astray or ‘sesat’ will ben­e­fit BN, says Umno in­for­ma­tion chief

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DAP’s al­le­ga­tion that Pas had lost its way or sesat after nam­ing the party as its main en­emy in the com­ing gen­eral election is just a case of sour grapes, and this ac­cu­sa­tion will ben­e­fit Barisan Na­sional.

Umno in­for­ma­tion chief Tan Sri An­nuar Musa said the al­le­ga­tion re­flected DAP’s deep frus­tra­tion and an­noy­ance for fail­ing to court Pas.

“DAP claims that Pas has lost its di­rec­tion.

“It is bet­ter for the for­mer to stand in front of the mir­ror and look at it­self.

“Those were the words of sour grapes. They were the ones who wanted Pas but were re­jected and now they are dis­ap­pointed,” he said after re­ceiv­ing the flag for the Umno flag run from Kubang Ke­rian di­vi­sion chief Datuk Seri Muham­mad Ab­dul Ghani.

An­nuar, who is also Ketereh di­vi­sion chief, was com­ment­ing on a state­ment by DAP sec­re­tary-gen­eral Lim Guan Eng that Pas was ir­ra­tional and had lost its way in its po­lit­i­cal strug­gle.

“DAP wanted to get the whole body (Pas) but only got the toe (Parti Amanah Ne­gara or PAN).

“Lucky for Pas, it lost only a toe but man­aged to save the other parts of the body. I am sure it is much health­ier now.”

An­nuar com­mended Pas for be­friend­ing DAP but said Umno’s pre­dic­tion that the re­la­tion­ship would not last long was proven to be cor­rect.

“Umno had re­jected DAP since its for­ma­tion in 1964.

“As long as DAP pro­motes the so­cial­ist agenda, as long as it prac­tises racism, we will re­ject them,” he said.

On Pas’ re­la­tion­ship with Umno, An­nuar said if the Is­lamic party could be friendly with DAP, there was noth­ing wrong with be­friend­ing Umno.

“Even if both par­ties en­joy good ties, will it be bad for the peo­ple?” he asked.

An­nuar said it was im­por­tant that both par­ties, de­spite their dif­fer­ences, worked to­gether on is­sues of common in­ter­est to unite race and ummah.

In Pas Youth vice chief Ah­mad Fadhli Shaari hit back at DAP for mis­in­ter­pret­ing its ties with Barisan Na­sional, say­ing DAP was con­fused.

He stressed that Pas was not a pro-BN party.

“We did not de­clare DAP as our main en­emy in our muk­ta­mar (gen­eral assem­bly). It was only the opin­ion of one of our del­e­gates.

“It is not our party’s stand,” he said, adding that the muk­ta­mar al­lowed Pas del­e­gates to freely voice their views.

He slammed Lim for la­belling Pas as the main en­emy, adding that DAP was “con­fused” and had dragged a few “con­fused” for­mer Pas mem­bers (PAN) with them.

“Wasn’t DAP the one who is­sued a state­ment on Nov 18, 2015, claim­ing that sup­port­ing Pas was sim­i­lar to sup­port­ing BN and a vote for Pas was a vote for BN?

“DAP re­peated the same state­ment on March 16 last year,” Fadhli said.

He added that it was bet­ter to have an en­emy who slapped one in the face than a friend who stabbed one in the back.

“Hav­ing a friend like DAP is risky as the party is ar­ro­gant,” he said.

He said Pas had never sup­ported Umno or BN, ex­cept in mi­nor is­sues.

“Trust me, the time will come when some of the Pakatan Hara­pan coali­tion mem­bers will voice their un­easi­ness with DAP just be­fore the gen­eral election.”

On Monday, a news por­tal re­ported that Lim slammed Pas as con­fused for declar­ing DAP as its main en­emy in the next poll.

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