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Pot marigold or cal­en­dula of­fic­i­nalis can be found through­out Western Europe, the Mediter­ranean re­gion, and parts of south­ern Asia.

WHAT do you go for when you need an in­stant pick-me-up? Some peo­ple pre­fer a shot of caf­feine while oth­ers rel­ish in the calm­ness of a cup of tea. Five min­utes is all it takes to help rev-up your senses and re­cal­i­brate your spirit.

And five min­utes is also all it takes to give your fa­cial skin an in­stant boost if you’re hit with the heat, fa­tigue or skin dry­ness.

For that, New York brand Kiehl’s of­fers its top­i­cal rem­edy — the new Cal­en­dula and Aloe Sooth­ing Hy­dra­tion Masque which is said to be able to re­fresh and re­vi­talise skin in five min­utes.

“Work, stress, lack of sleep and other fac­tors can cause skin to look and feel dry, rough and tight. A gen­tle skin rem­edy, the gel masque was de­vel­oped to re­fresh, re­vi­talise and hy­drate all skin types,” says He­len Sung of Kiehl’s Prod­uct In­no­va­tion team.

For­mu­lated with cal­en­dula flower petals and aloe vera, the gel masque bursts into a re­fresh­ing surge of cool­ing hy­dra­tion upon ap­pli­ca­tion and can be used reg­u­larly up to three times a week. This makes it a quick and sim­ple ad­di­tion to any skin­care regime.

Aloe vera juice is known for its sooth­ing and heal­ing ben­e­fits, and­hy­drat­ing

prop­er­ties. Kiehl’s Cal­en­dula masque is priced at RM198 for 100ml. FARM TO FACE

Like its iconic pre­de­ces­sor, the Cal­en­dula Toner, Kiehl’s new masque is for­mu­lated with hand-picked cal­en­dula petals. Man­u­ally har­vested ev­ery Au­gust in full sun, the whole cal­en­dula flower ispicked­by­han­dand cul­ti­vated with­out pes­ti­cides.

To pre­serve the del­i­cacy of the flower and to keep each pe­tal in­tact, the petals are hand-sorted and sun-dried in the open air, with­out the ad­di­tion of ex­tra pro­cess­ing or ar­ti­fi­cial heat.

When the petals ar­rive at the Kiehl’s fac­tory, they’re slowly added to a trans­par­ent aloe vera base. Once mixed in, the petals be­gin to in­fuse the for­mula with its golden colour.

Any un­used petals and parts of the flower are placed back into the earth to fer­tilise the soil for fu­ture har­vests.


Pot marigold or cal­en­dula of­fic­i­nalis can be found through­out Western Europe, the Mediter­ranean re­gion and parts of south­ern Asia. Its ex­tract and petals are known to be a source of polysac­cha­rides, saponins and flavonoids, which are known for their skin sooth­ing prop­er­ties.

Due to its anti-in­flam­ma­tory ef­fects on skin, the flower is also highly re­garded as a medic­i­nal herb in both ancient Ayurvedic Com­plete the range with Cal­en­dula Herbal Ex­tract Toner priced at RM160 (250ml) and Cal­en­dula Deep Foam­ing Face Wash priced at RM120 (230ml).

and tra­di­tional Chi­nese medicine, with its use go­ing back many cen­turies.

Mean­while, aloe juice — sourced from the much-loved pot­ted plant — is widely known for its sooth­ing and heal­ing ben­e­fits and hy­drat­ing prop­er­ties that are able to help in­crease wa­ter con­tent in skin.

Re­garded as a multipurpose skin treat­ment, the juice has been widely used for cen­turies in tra­di­tional and herbal medicine for its skin sooth­ing ben­e­fits. Kiehl’s in­tro­duced its cus­tomers to the cal­en­dula pe­tal in the 1960s with the launch of an al­co­hol-free Cal­en­dula Herbal Ex­tract Toner and it be­came an in­stant favourite for its sooth­ing and re­fresh­ing prop­er­ties on skin.

But only in 2014 was the iconic toner joined by Cal­en­dula Deep Foam­ing Face Wash, a gel cleanser de­vel­oped to ac­tively re­move sur­face dirt and oil, while help­ing to en­sure the skin bar­rier is pro­tected.

Last month, came its lat­est cal­en­dula range, the Cal­en­dula and Aloe Sooth­ing Hy­dra­tion Masque. The gel masque was of­fi­cially launched for the Malaysian mar­ket on April 26 but was first re­leased for the United States mar­ket last year. Kiehl’s marked the rest-ofthe-world-launch with a Brand Her­itage Cel­e­bra­tion in New York last April.


So, did that five min­utes work on me? Yes it did. I like how the masque turned my tired, de­hy­drated skin into fresh and dewy. If the lights in my room didn’t play a trick on me, I swear my skin also looked brighter.

Still, I was a bit skep­ti­cal if the ef­fect would only last for a few min­utes. But lo and be­hold, the same fresh and dewy skin greeted me when I looked at my re­flec­tion in the mir­ror the fol­low­ing morn­ing.

The in­struc­tion on the la­bel says to ap­ply a vis­i­ble layer of the gel masque onto clean, washed face and to wash it off with warm wa­ter af­ter at least five min­utes. “But I be­lieve you can leave it longer or even overnight. How­ever, not for your skin as yours is oily un­der­neath,” said my beau­ti­cian.

Leav­ing it on my face overnight would be a very bad idea as the gel doesn’t dry up like other overnight masques. And I would wake up to a gel-cov­ered pil­low the next morn­ing.

In fact, hav­ing a layer of sticky gel on my face some­how lim­its my move­ment as I nor­mally do other stuff while my face is cov­ered with a masque. My hair got stuck on it as did my T-shirt col­lar. But I guess there’s no harm five min­utes in for­go­ing. Af­ter all, it is just five min­utes!

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