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HERE is a pop­u­lar be­lief among Feng Shui prac­ti­tion­ers that it is bad to have a stair­case di­rectly fac­ing the front door in a home.

This is be­cause the Chi that en­ters through the main door may rush quickly to the up­per or lower floor of a home, leav­ing the main floor with­out good en­ergy nour­ish­ment.

How­ever, dif­fer­ent vari­a­tions of a stair­case fac­ing the front door can cre­ate dif­fer­ent Feng Shui sce­nar­ios.

Ac­cord­ing to an ar­ti­cle by Feng Shui ex­pert Rodika Tchi in www.thes­pruce.com, a big foyer with many ground­ing ar­chi­tec­tural fea­tures and the stair­case far from the front door has very dif­fer­ent Feng Shui from a small foyer with stairs closely fac­ing the main door.

“In the case of a big foyer with a stair­case fur­ther from the door, the en­ergy can set­tle in and nour­ish the space, grad­u­ally and har­mo­niously find­ing its way to other ar­eas of the house.

“When the foyer is small, though, and the stair­case is fac­ing the main door di­rectly, the en­ergy takes a rushed and frag­mented qual­ity, be­ing forced to quickly rush up or down the stairs,” she says.

As a rem­edy for the sce­nar­ios, Tchi sug­gests dec­o­rat­ing the main door with cer­tain Feng Shui el­e­ments to slow down the en­ergy move­ment and dis­trib­ute it equally to the whole main floor.

To do so, home­own­ers may want to use or place spe­cific pieces of fur­ni­ture, some forms of art, spe­cific colours, a large vase of flow­ers, big plants or mir­rors at strate­gic spots near the front door area.

(Mir­rors, how­ever, should not face the door di­rectly as they may re­pel the chi).

Pro­fes­sional Feng Shui con­sul­tants will al­ways have the up­per hand in de­ter­min­ing the right reme­dies for home­own­ers. For some cases where a floor plan has a stair­case too close to the main door it is rather ef­fi­cient to seek their ad­vice.

Tchi con­cludes that the Feng Shui case con­cern­ing a stair­case fac­ing the main door presents a sim­i­lar Feng Shui chal­lenge to the case of a back door aligned with the main door (di­rect door align­ment).

In both cases, the Chi is forced to leave the space quickly and is not given the op­por­tu­nity to set­tle in and har­mo­niously nour­ish a home.

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