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How do we tackle the prob­lem of bul­ly­ing in schools? The lat­est vi­ral bul­ly­ing video has left Malaysians fum­ing at the au­dac­ity of the per­pe­tra­tors. The video, in­volv­ing fe­male stu­dents of a Sabah school, saw a girl be­ing bashed up over a per­ceived slight.

On so­cial me­dia, com­menters have called for stiffer pun­ish­ments for bul­ly­ing of­fences to pre­vent the prob­lem from wors­en­ing.

What are your views? Young­sters do not do these things on their own ac­cord. If you’re a YouTube fan, you will no doubt have seen a pro­lif­er­a­tion of such videos from over­seas.

The premise is al­ways the same. A few teens are record­ing a stand­off be­tween two stu­dents, which inevitably end in a fight. Mon­key see, mon­key do. They think it’s cool, ap­ing what other peo­ple do. They don’t re­alise that these things have se­ri­ous reper­cus­sions. All it takes is for the vic­tim to fall wrongly, or a stray punch land­ing awk­wardly, to paral­yse a per­son for life.

BRYAN TENG I’m not say­ing that fight­ing among stu­dents didn’t oc­cur back in the day, but I think the ad­vent of mo­bile phone cam­eras have wors­ened the case. Back then, you only had to rely on word of mouth to know what hap­pened. Now, ev­ery­one’s rushing to record the fight so they can share it among friends. And the bully will want it on video for brag­ging rights. I don’t think there’s an easy way to fix this.

KEFLI AZIZ This is a so­ci­etal is­sue, and as some­one pointed out, will not be easy to rem­edy. This is go­ing to take a mon­u­men­tal ef­fort from par­ents, teach­ers, ad­min­is­tra­tors, and most im­por­tantly, the stu­dents them­selves. We need to start from the ground up, which is ed­u­cat­ing them on what is right and wrong.

It may seem like a sim­ple is­sue to us, but we need to be pa­tient and work on do­ing the right thing.

T. SURESH We need to stop with think­ing that oh, these are kids, they de­serve a sec­ond chance.

No. The fact is that we need to make ex­am­ples of them so that they think twice be­fore pulling a stunt like this. They do not de­serve just a slap on the wrist and sus­pen­sion from school. They need to be tried as ju­ve­niles. Bring them to court and in­stil the fear of the law into them.

This is the only way they and oth­ers will learn.


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