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Sharon De Cruz: Well, they are a man’s best friend. I love dogs.

Weng Kit: So many bad per­cep­tion about dogs from Malaysians. They bring more ben­e­fits to hu­mans than other an­i­mals, such as cats. Can a cat chase away rob­bers? Can cats search for earth­quake vic­tims? Can cats guide blind peo­ple?

Naz Ali: A cat saved the life of a small boy who was be­ing mauled by a dog. There are many cases of cats wak­ing up their own­ers who were asleep when their house caught fire, and ul­ti­mately sav­ing them. Some cats can even de­tect when their own­ers are sick. Keep your ig­no­rance to your­self.

Lynn Hadeni: I un­der­stand that you are up­set with cer­tain peo­ple who de­spise dogs but the truth is that not ev­ery­one hates dogs. And why would you com­pare dogs to cats? They’re not even the same. All an­i­mals are special and ben­e­fit hu­mans in many dif­fer­ent ways. There are also cases where cats saved hu­man lives too but that doesn’t mean that other an­i­mals are use­less. Please don’t gen­er­alise.

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