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Ash­ley Ting: From what I read in other news ar­ti­cles, the guy had been tex­ting the girl, telling of his in­ten­tion to com­mit sui­cide. She ini­tially talked him out of it but as the guy per­sisted with all the neg­a­tive sui­ci­dal thoughts, she fol­lowed along. I don’t think that she should be ac­cused of en­cour­ag­ing him when he him­self had the in­ten­tion to kill him­self. She is def­i­nitely wrong in play­ing along with it. Why didnt the boy’s par­ents do some­thing to help their son any­way? Surely they would have de­tected a change in their son’s per­son­al­ity.

Lily Ieda Abd Rahim: I thought the girl had con­stantly told him via text to go and kill him­self and that he was use­less to the world. Her words en­cour­aged him to kill him­self and it be­came worse when she did noth­ing, not even alert­ing the par­ents or the au­thor­i­ties that the boy was hav­ing su­ci­dal thoughts and even af­ter the in­ci­dent, she didn’t tell any­one. Psy­cho much?

Maria Misha: The guy was hes­i­tat­ing about killing him­self, but in­stead of stop­ping him from do­ing so, she en­cour­aged and taunted him, call­ing him a coward if he de­cided against it.

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