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A video show­ing a Pero­dua Myvi driver en­gag­ing in road­bul­ly­ing tac­tics in Subang Jaya re­cently, has raised the hack­les of Ne­ti­zens. The dash-cam video, cap­tured by a fe­male driver, showed the Myvi be­hav­ing in a lessthan-savoury man­ner, weav­ing in and out of traf­fic and slam­ming on the brakes in an ef­fort to in­tim­i­date the driver. The driver has since apol­o­gised for his be­hav­iour af­ter the video sub­se­quently went vi­ral. How­ever, the Malaysian on­line com­mu­nity has not been so quick to for­give him. What are your views? This is a per­fect ex­am­ple of cow­ardice in ac­tion. When on the road, the bully was pulling out all the stops to in­tim­i­date his vic­tim. But once his ac­tions be­came pub­lic, he con­tacted the vic­tim and apol­o­gised, say­ing that “he did not have enough sleep”, hence why he be­haved that way. Re­ally? If that was a valid ex­cuse, there would be a lot more al­i­bis skewed this way. If you’re wrong, ad­mit it. Don’t look for half­baked ex­cuses to jus­tify your bad be­hav­iour.

YU­SOF MOHD I don’t agree that the case should be dropped. And be­lieve me, this isn’t about some­one be­ing hot-blooded be­cause he is a young man. This sort of be­hav­iour af­fects peo­ple of all ages. We’ve all seen it in ac­tion be­fore. The ques­tion is, how do we ad­dress the prob­lem? I have no is­sue at all with nam­ing and sham­ing th­ese peo­ple. If you are man enough to be­have that way on the road, then be pre­pared to face the con­se­quences of be­com­ing in­fa­mous.

DAWN NG Don’t let road bul­lies off the hook. We need to tackle them one at a time. Each time a case hap­pens, charge them with crim­i­nal in­tim­i­da­tion. If enough cases make it into court and are pub­li­cised, then there’s a bet­ter chance that peo­ple with this sort of men­tal­ity are au­to­mat­i­cally ‘re­minded’ each time they even think about throw­ing a tantrum on our roads.

KAT AZ We’ve all made mis­takes in our youth. But re­ally, what good does be­ing a road bully do you? What sort of sat­is­fac­tion can you de­rive from let­ting the other per­son know how ag­grieved you were? Do you get a prize for it? No. So swal­low your pride and ego, drive prop­erly and move on. Some things are not worth dwelling over.


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