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The spec­tre of bul­ly­ing is dog­ging our coun­try. From a vi­ral video of a road bully in Subang Jaya, to a Tereng­ganu stu­dent be­ing as­saulted by his school­mates, it ap­pears that bul­ly­ing is a nev­erend­ing prob­lem for the coun­try. What mea­sures can we take to erad­i­cate this men­ace, or at least bring it un­der con­trol? Is it all down to ed­u­ca­tion, or do we need sterner mea­sures such as cor­rec­tive pun­ish­ment to bring the is­sue to the fore? I don’t look back on my school days fondly, thanks to mem­o­ries of be­ing bul­lied. The boy seemed to have it in for me, de­spite me not even do­ing any­thing to him. He prob­a­bly just didn’t like my face and needed a punch­ing bag. Need­less to say, that phase of my life be­tween Form One and Form Three was a liv­ing hell for me.


I se­ri­ously don’t know what it will take to elim­i­nate bul­ly­ing. I think the In­ter­net is in some way to blame. Our kids watch th­ese bul­ly­ing videos and think it’s cool. But then again, it should be up to the par­ents to pull their kids aside and tell them that no, this is not right, and this isn’t what you need to em­u­late. If you don’t have any re­spect for your fel­low man, then boy, do we have prob­lems in­deed.


We can­not just lay the blame on the ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem. Lessons be­gin at home. If par­ents do not take the trou­ble to ed­u­cate their own kids, then there is lit­tle that teach­ers or the ed­u­ca­tion syl­labus can do. Th­ese are moral lessons that can­not be taught any­where else. Em­pa­thy, sym­pa­thy for your fel­low man is a trait that is nur­tured.


Ed­u­ca­tion is cer­tainly the first step to­wards erad­i­cat­ing bul­ly­ing in so­ci­ety. We’ve al­ready seen many ex­am­ples of the worst that can be brought out among peo­ple. The Nhaveen case is still fresh in our minds, as is the bul­ly­ing video in the Sabah school. Start teach­ing them at a young age be­fore the rot sets in.


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