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Se­gar Ra­joo: As a fa­ther of many chil­dren, I feel sad when read­ing and lis­ten­ing to the news about this man. He must be pun­ished to the max­i­mum.

Akma Zaidi: I feel sorry for the one who was read­ing out all the charges. If it were me, I prob­a­bly wouldn’t make it all the way, it’s sick­en­ing. I can­not imag­ine the har­row­ing or­deal the vic­tim had to go through.

Kiri­daren Jayaku­mar: I dont think any re­li­gion or any other per­son can change this man. I hope hu­man rights ac­tivists do not sup­port this type of beast. Even beasts will be ashamed of this hu­man.

Jac­inta Maria Lum: Why do the courts al­ways give cus­tody of the child to the fa­ther? I know a friend, who was sep­a­rated from her ex-hus­band be­cause he was a wom­an­iser and a drug ad­dict. He got cus­tody of the child and abused the child for three years since the kid was a tod­dler. Un­til one day, his own brother could not take it any­more and brought the child back to his mother.

Jac­quline Joseph David: Speech­less. A fa­ther, a pro­tec­tor... Where is the safe place for the child?

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