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Teen girl goes miss­ing af­ter leav­ing house to meet friend

A Karim Atan: A 13-year-old girl rid­ing a mo­tor­bike alone? Some­thing is wrong with this pic­ture. I’ve a son the same age and I’m not let­ting him any­where near a mo­tor­bike. Par­ents need to em­pha­sise on rules and safety when it comes to their kids. I pray that the girl is safe.

Nalini Nam­biar: Looks like we have to ex­er­cise more care and be more vig­i­lant when it comes to our kids. I pray that this sweet child will be found safe and sound.

Rubaa Letchu­manan: Nowa­days it is just not safe to let chil­dren be out and about on their own. Fur­ther­more she’s only 13. She’s not sup­posed to be rid­ing a mo­tor­cy­cle. Re­ally hope and pray that she’s safe.

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