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For the last 700 years, glass­mak­ers on the is­land of Mu­rano, near Venice, have had to adapt to chang­ing tech­nolo­gies and con­sumer tastes. Yet, a pri­vate visit to the closed- door ate­lier of Barovier&toso, the old­est glass­mak­ing firm on the is­land, re­veals that many of the meth­ods used to cre­ate its fa­mous chan­de­liers re­main very tra­di­tional.

Cre­at­ing such beauty is a long process that starts in the fur­naces from which the master crafts­man will coax a glob of molten glass and work it into the de­sired shape us­ing a blow­pipe, ei­ther free- blow­ing it or in­flat­ing it in a wooden or me­tal mould, and then let­ting the piece rest on a slow- mov­ing con­veyor belt in a cool­ing tun­nel.

The se­ries of fin­ish­ing touches can only be done by hand, so us­ing a mix­ture of sand and wa­ter on a turn­ing ta­ble, a crafts­man will first sand away any im­per­fec­tions on the glass, then use a rub­ber wheel and later a fabric wheel on each piece for suc­ces­sively finer fin­ishes.

“Our goal is to project emo­tion as well as light,” en­thuses Luigi Luc­chetta, direc­tor gen­eral of the com­pany.

Such emo­tion is ap­pre­ci­ated around the world with Barovier&toso chan­de­liers adorn­ing some of the grand­est ho­tels and pri­vate res­i­dences.

“One of the rea­sons we’re still here af­ter 700 years is be­cause we’re al­ways look­ing for­ward, which means stylis­tic in­no­va­tion as well,” says Luc­chetta. www.

“One of the rea­sons we’re still here af­ter 700 years is be­cause we’re al­ways look­ing for­ward.”

The blown-glass el­e­ments in Barovier&toso’s Hanami form a dense cloud of re­flec­tions and re­frac­tions.

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