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The gym’s no­tice­ably qui­eter once warm weather hits, and you’ve no doubt al­ready taken your work­outs out­doors, too. Good for you! You’re burn­ing more calo­ries (thanks to wind, hills, and a nat­u­ral in­cli­na­tion to spend more time do­ing your fa­vorite ac­tiv­i­ties when it’s gor­geous out), but to truly shake up your rou­tine and your mus­cles, con­sider try­ing some­thing com­pletely dif­fer­ent. To help you choose, we tapped some cre­ative ex­perts and came up with four out­door work­outs guar­an­teed to burn 500-plus calo­ries an hour and sculpt your en­tire body. They’ll get your brain back in the game, too, so you’ll be hav­ing more fun than ever—and that’s al­ways in­vig­o­rat­ing. You don’t have to give up your fa­vorite work­outs, just squeeze these plans into your reg­u­lar rou­tine. They’re guar­an­teed to de­liver slim­ming re­sults and get you psyched to keep com­ing back for more.


Time: 40 min­utes Calo­ries burned: 530

“Be­sides be­ing an in­cred­i­ble car­dio­vas­cu­lar workout, a stair ses­sion sculpts strong, lean legs and a firm butt,” says Yumi Lee, a Los An­ge­les–based Ree­bok Univer­sity Master Trainer who coaches her clients on sta­dium stairs ( you can find them at your lo­cal high school or univer­sity track). Us­ing an ex­tra-long set of steps ver­sus just one flight makes you work harder, so you see changes faster. “But you can do it any­where,” says Lee. “You’ll just have to go up and down more of­ten if the stairs are shorter.” Try to add this to your rou­tine once or twice a week.

0:00–5:00 Warm up with an easy jog (RPE* 3) around the track—or wher­ever you are.

5:00–9:00 Jog up stairs, one at a time, at a mod­er­ate pace (RPE 5, about 60 to 80 steps per minute) and walk down. Con­tinue un­til time is up.

9:00–11:00 Jog easy around the track (RPE 3).

11:00–14:30 Run stairs, two at a time, at a brisk pace (RPE 7, about 90 to 120 steps per minute) and walk down. If that’s too much, take two stairs at a time at a slower pace.

14:30–16:30 Jog easy around the track (RPE 3).

16:30–33:00 Re­peat min­utes 11–16:30 three times.

33:00–34:00 Run up stairs and, for each of the last 10 steps, jump up and land in a squat (RPE 9).

34:00–35:00 Step up stairs side­ways, two at a time (RPE 6–7), and lift trail­ing leg out to the side af­ter each step. Switch legs (turn the other way) ev­ery 10 steps.

35:00-40:00 Cool down by jog­ging at an easy pace (RPE 3).


Time: 1–2 hours Calo­ries burned: 450–900

Hik­ing is an ex­cel­lent way to pump up your walk while work­ing your legs and core, but that doesn’t mean you can’t treat it like all your other work­outs and kick it up a notch, too. Jeff Mix, a per­sonal trainer at One Boul­der Fit­ness in Boul­der, Colorado, de­signed this high-en­ergy plan that will help you in­crease your calo­rie burn.

0:00–5:00 Warm up walk­ing at an easy pace (RPE 3).

5:00–15:00 Set­tle into a mod­er­ate pace (RPE 5).

15:00–20:00 In­crease speed or in­cline (if you have hills) to a some­what hard pace (RPE 7).

20:00–35:00 Hike at a mod­er­ate pace

(RPE 5).

35:00–37:00 In­crease to a some­what hard pace (RPE 7). 37:00–37:30 Walk easy (RPE 3). 37:30–39:30 In­crease to a some­what hard pace (RPE 7). 39:30–40:00 Walk easy (RPE 3). 40:00–55:00 Hike at mod­er­ate pace (RPE 5).

55:00+ Re­peat the workout—or just your fa­vorite parts.


Time: 30 min­utes

Calo­ries burned: 250 Deep-wa­ter run­ning gives you the same en­dor­phin buzz as run­ning on land—without the im­pact and with more ton­ing. “Your legs and arms are mov­ing against resistance and your core has to co­or­di­nate the move­ments,” says Doug Stern, a long­time swim coach and founder of Deep Wa­ter Run­ning in New York. His stamina-build­ing workout al­ter­nates run­ning in­ter­vals with lap swim­ming—try it once or twice a week. You’ll need a flota­tion belt and gog­gles. 0:00–5:00 Strap on the belt, jump in, and jog easy (RPE 3): Slide legs back and forth, us­ing thighs to ini­ti­ate move­ment, while driv­ing el­bows back. Keep toes pointed.

5:00–6:00 Run at a mod­er­ate to some­what hard pace (RPE 5–7).

6:00–6:30 Ex­ag­ger­ate el­bow swing and lift legs slightly higher, as if run­ning up­hill (RPE 5). 6:30–7:00 Lower your arms, take shorter strides,

and lean slightly for­ward (RPE 5).

7:00–9:00 Re­peat min­utes 5–7. 9:00–12:00 Take off the belt and swim (any stroke) at an easy pace (RPE 3).

12:00–13:00 Put belt on and run (RPE 5–7). 13:00–13:30 Ex­ag­ger­ate el­bow swing, lift legs higher, and run at a some­what hard pace (RPE 7). 13:30–13:45 Run easy. 13:45–14:15 Lower your arms, take shorter strides, and lean slightly

for­ward (RPE 5). 14:15–14:30 Run easy. 14:30–22:00 Re­peat min­utes 12–14:30 three times.

22:00–25:00 Take off belt and swim (any stroke) at an easy pace (RPE 3). 25:00–25:45 Strap belt back on and run at a some­what hard pace (RPE 7). 25:45–26:00 Run at an easy pace (RPE 3). 26:00-28:00 Re­peat minute 25–26 twice. 28:00–30:00 Jog easy to cool down.


Time: 20–30 min­utes Calo­ries burned: 200–250 Re­live your child­hood on the play­ground while sculpt­ing dis­tinctly adult mus­cles (think firmer back­side, sex­ier arms, and sleek legs). “Us­ing the equip­ment to do strength moves while your kids are play­ing or as a pit stop on your reg­u­lar bike or run­ning route is an un­ex­pected way to take your resistance workout out­doors,” says Paul Fre­di­ani, a trainer at Ely­sium Fit­ness in New York who crafted this dy­namic cir­cuit rou­tine that can be done at a neigh­bor­hood play­ground. Do the moves in any or­der and add one or two car­dio ex­er­cises—jump rope (or just act like you have one) or do jump­ing jacks—be­tween each one.


WORKS LEGS AND BUTT Step left foot onto bench and lift right leg be­hind you as you raise arms over­head [shown]. Step down and switch sides. Re­peat for 1 minute at a quick pace, then jog in place for 1 minute.


WORKS LEGS, BUTT, AND CORE Bal­ance on right leg and place left foot in swing be­hind you. Ex­tend arms in front of you at shoul­der height and lower into a lunge so right knee is aligned over toes [shown]. Do 10 reps; switch sides to com­plete set.


WORKS CHEST, ARMS, AND CORE Place hands on ground shoul­der-width apart and rest legs on swing. Body should be straight from head to heels. Bend el­bows and lower chest to­ward ground [shown]. Press up and re­peat. Do 10 reps.


Climb the stairs of the slide quickly, slide down, and sit on the edge with feet flat. Lean back slightly and tuck knees into chest [shown]. Straighten legs and re­peat. Do 10 reps, then run up stairs again. Re­peat cir­cuit twice.


Jump up (or climb the lad­der) and grab the top rung of the mon­key bars, palms fac­ing you and chin above the rung [shown]. Hold as long as you can, then slowly lower to the ground. Re­peat twice.


Sit on swing with feet flat. Raise right leg off ground, hold chains, and straighten left leg, push­ing heel into ground and lift­ing toes [shown]. Hold briefly, con­tract­ing quads, and re­turn to start po­si­tion. Do 10 reps; switch sides.


Stand be­hind a bench, feet shoul­der-width apart. Swing arms back as you squat low, then swing them for­ward and jump up onto the bench and squat [shown]. Step down and re­peat. Do 10 to 12 reps.

CLIMB STRONG It’s im­pos­si­ble to cheat dur­ing this stair workout, so make like Rocky and get step­ping

HIT THE HILLS Take ad­van­tage

of na­ture’s tread­mill and

crank it up

MAKE WAVES You take longer strides in the wa­ter, so you get more

of a stretch

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