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NEXT TIME things are heat­ing up be­tween you and your guy, try get­ting on top, sug­gests Su­san Oak­ley, M.D., in­struc­tor of fe­male pelvic medicine and re­con­struc­tive surgery at Cincin­nati’s Good Samaritan Hos­pi­tal. In a study in The Jour­nal of Sex­ual Medicine, she re­ported that, com­pared to women who were typ­i­cally able to cli­max dur­ing sex, those who had trou­ble tended to have cli­torises that were far­ther away from

58 Num­ber of times mar­ried cou­ples have sex an­nu­ally. The av­er­age per­son gets it on 85 times a year.

Source: Gen­eral So­cial Sur­vey/ Durex

the vagi­nal open­ing. Oak­ley calls the length of tis­sue be­tween these two ar­eas the “C spot,” and ex­plains that the shorter it is, the more pres­sure the pe­nis can put on it to in­di­rectly stim­u­late the cli­toris, mak­ing or­gasm eas­ier. When it’s longer, the nerve-packed or­gan doesn’t re­ceive this con­tact—and that’s where try­ing a new po­si­tion comes in. “Women with a longer C spot can put more di­rect pres­sure on the cli­toris by be­ing on top, or by get­ting on all fours and us­ing a hand or vi­bra­tor for added stim­u­la­tion,” ex­plains Oak­ley. (Women with longer C spots tended to pre­fer the mis­sion­ary po­si­tion.)

Oak­ley also rec­om­mends ask­ing your ob-gyn about Eros Ther­apy ($179 or RM580, with an Rx), an FDA-ap­proved cli­toral stim­u­la­tor. Us­ing the hand­held de­vice for three to five min­utes daily im­proves blood flow to the tis­sue, en­hanc­ing sen­si­tiv­ity and mak­ing or­gasm dur­ing sex eas­ier. That said, it’s not a cause for con­cern if you don’t reach your peak via pen­e­tra­tion. “There’s no rea­son women

must cli­max dur­ing vagi­nal in­ter­course,” Oak­ley notes. In­stead, have your part­ner get you off dur­ing fore­play, she says. “Tak­ing the stress off the ‘main event’ may ac­tu­ally make sex more plea­sur­able.”


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