Firm-up moves

The fastest way to sculpt and strengthen your mus­cles: Slow down your reps.

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TThere’s a pretty ge­nius tech­nique you’re likely not us­ing that could re­ally help you power up with­out hav­ing to lift heav­ier weights or do more reps and sets. “When you play with an ex­er­cise’s tempo to ex­tend the time your mus­cles are work­ing dur­ing a sin­gle rep, you can build strength, burn fat, and de­velop lean mus­cle faster than go­ing at a stan­dard pace,” says trainer and ex­er­cise sci­en­tist Dasha Libin, the co-owner of An­der­son Mar­tial Arts and cre­ator of Ket­tle­bell Kick­box­ing in New York City.

The idea is to squeeze more mus­cle-mak­ing out of each rep’s three phases—pos­i­tive, static, and neg­a­tive—by do­ing them in slow mo­tion. Quick ex­am­ple: The pos­i­tive phase of a push-up is the work,

or ac­tual push­ing, part; the static phase is the peak con­trac­tion point where your chest grazes the floor; the neg­a­tive phase is the low­er­ing part. “In­creas­ing your time un­der ten­sion in the neg­a­tive part of an ex­er­cise, for in­stance, can help you grow your pos­i­tive strength,” Libin ex­plains.

Libin cre­ated this to­tal-body rou­tine to give ev­ery ma­jor mus­cle a fresh chal­lenge from seven goto ex­er­cises. No mat­ter how fit you are, you’ll come away stronger and more carved, she prom­ises: “If you can only string to­gether four or five push-ups right now, af­ter just a cou­ple of weeks of do­ing push-ups un­der ten­sion, you’ll be able to dou­ble your count.” Like those odds? Ready, set...slow.

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