Power aro­mas

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The right aro­mas can make you stronger, health­ier, and hap­pier, new re­search shows. Learn how to sniff out your full wellness po­ten­tial, from more en­ergy to a flat­ter belly.

Smell is the most in­flu­en­tial sense you have. Un­like sight, hear­ing, taste, or touch, your sense of smell has a di­rect ef­fect on your brain and the pro­gram­ming of your emo­tions, mem­ory, en­ergy level, and even en­durance, says Bryan Rau­den­bush, Ph.D., a pro­fes­sor of psy­chol­ogy at Wheel­ing Je­suit Univer­sity who has stud­ied scent ex­ten­sively.

The big­gest sur­prise, though, as sci­en­tists are now dis­cov­er­ing, is that smell doesn’t just in­volve your nose. In fact, “more than half of your ol­fac­tory re­cep­tors are dis­trib­uted through­out the body, in­clud­ing in the skin, mus­cles, gut, and lungs,” says Hanns Hatt, Ph.D., a re­searcher from Ruhr Univer­sity Bochum in Ger­many. When ex­posed to the right aro­mas, th­ese scent re­cep­tors can do amaz­ing things, such as speed your re­cov­ery from in­jury or ill­ness, im­prove your di­ges­tion, and even help you breathe more deeply. Th­ese are gains you def­i­nitely want to get in on—and th­ese tips will show you how.

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