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1/ Air squat to squat jump Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, arms by sides. Do 1 squat. Im­me­di­ately do 1 squat jump. Con­tinue al­ter­nat­ing for 30 sec­onds. 2/ Plank tap climbers Start on floor in plank on palms. Tap right hand to left shoul­der. Switch sides; re­peat. Re­peat. Then pull bent right leg to­ward chest; switch sides, re­peat. Re­peat. Con­tinue al­ter­nat­ing shoul­der taps with moun­tain climbers for 45 sec­onds. 3/ Tri­ceps push-up/ hip dip/leg lift Start on floor in plank on palms. Do 1 push-up. Shift weight to right hand and ro­tate into a side plank on right palm, stack­ing feet. Drop hips 2 to 3 inches. Re­turn to side plank. Re­peat. Raise left leg about 2 feet, then lower. Re­peat. Re­turn to start. Do 1 push-up, then switch sides (side plank on left palm); re­peat en­tire se­quence. Con­tinue for 1 minute. SCALE DOWN: When in side plank, omit leg lift and in­stead re­turn di­rectly to start. 4/ Fore­arm plank knee-to-el­bow Start on floor in plank on fore­arms. Bring bent right knee to touch right el­bow. Re­turn to start. Switch sides; re­peat. Con­tinue al­ter­nat­ing sides for 30 sec­onds. SCALE UP: Af­ter bring­ing knee to el­bow, ex­tend leg back, hov­er­ing leg 2 inches above floor for 2 sec­onds. Con­tinue on same side for 15 sec­onds. Switch sides; re­peat.

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