The big­ger the move, the bet­ter the ab firm­ing.

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AB FACT There’s cer­tainly some­thing to be said for work­ing a mus­cle through its en­tire range, but some­times it’s the tiny con­trac­tions that re­ally su­per­charge your mus­cles. “Think about a side plank, which is an iso­met­ric move,” says Tr­isha Curl­ing, owner of Ani O Yoga in Toronto. “You don’t see any move­ment, but you feel it! And you’re work­ing all your deep sta­bi­liz­ers—the mul­ti­fidus (along the spine), transver­sus ab­do­mi­nis (360-de­gree band around your cen­ter), and quadra­tus lum­bo­rum (along the back side of the ab­dom­i­nal wall)—plus your rec­tus ab­do­mi­nis and obliques,” she ex­plains. “In ad­di­tion, you’re build­ing heat in­ter­nally, which revs your me­tab­o­lism.” An­other great iso­met­ric ex­er­cise: Try farmer car­ries, where you walk back and forth hold­ing a heavy weight in each hand; this lights up the transver­sus.

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