Recharge your skin

Travers­ing through work, work­out ses­sions, travel, and some­times, late nights can drain our com­plex­ion . It’s not al­ways the lack of sleep do­ing us in; it’s slug­gish cells. Luck­ily, new sci­ence can help. Here’s your plan for a re­freshed face.


YYou don’t need to be en­ergy-drained from er­ratic weather or jet-lag or burn­ing the mid­night oil to wind up with tired skin. The tell­tale signs of an ex­hausted com­plex­ion— saggy, dull, dry, sal­low, and wrin­kled—mimic the look of sleep-deprivation but ac­tu­ally oc­cur when the mi­to­chon­dria (the en­ergy cen­ters of cells) run out of juice and need to be recharged. You can fac­tor in stress, your age, and drinking too much al­co­hol, which can all drain the mi­to­chon­dria’s power, but the big­gest cul­prit is en­vi­ron­men­tal tox­ins. “Tired skin is on the rise be­cause we live in a more pol­luted en­vi­ron­ment that’s swarm­ing with free rad­i­cals that dam­age skin,” says Dennis Gross, M.D., a der­ma­tol­o­gist in New York City. Skin cells have only so much en­ergy. If there are harm­ful mol­e­cules in the at­mos­phere, cells use up all that en­ergy fighting them off. Even­tu­ally they be­come too fa­tigued and sur­ren­der. That’s when dam­age oc­curs. Cells can also be­come too spent to bang out their daily to-do list, like build­ing col­la­gen and shed­ding dead skin, and then you get that dull, dry, drawn look. For­tu­nately, there’s an in­gre­di­ent out there that can erase each symp­tom. Try th­ese top tired-skin cures.

Now you can perk up skin with more than an icy splash.

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