B6 (Pyri­dox­ine)

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It helps you con­vert food into en­ergy like ri­boflavin does. In ad­di­tion, B6 also as­sists with mus­cle con­trac­tions, which are key for move­ment in­side and out­side of the gym. What’s more, the vi­ta­min helps your body pro­duce sero­tonin and mela­tonin, two hor­mones that im­prove your mood and your sleep, says Keri Glass­man, R.D.N., a nu­tri­tion­ist and founder of Nu­tri­tious Life, a well­ness com­pany.

The trou­ble is, peo­ple who ex­er­cise use up more B than those who 6 don’t, re­search finds. In fact, some stud­ies have shown that 60 per­cent of ath­letes are de­fi­cient in Vi­ta­min B . To pre­vent a short­fall, ac­tive women 6 should aim for 1.5 mg to 2.3 mg a day, Manore says. Get the nu­tri­ent by eat­ing poul­try (4 ounces of turkey breast has 0.92 mg), fatty fish (3 ounces of sal­mon, 0.55 mg), wal­nuts (1 cup, 0.54 mg), sun­flower seeds (½ cup, 0.52 mg), bananas (one large, 0.49 mg), and lentils (½ cup, 0.18 mg).

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