Lily Collins rocks this sea­son’s sporty-sexy swimwear with the right dose of body love.


Shape (Malaysia) - - Contents - By Didi Gluck Pho­to­graphs by Adam Franzino

Ha movie w wardrobe cue the sn’t hap­pen To cel­e­brate she went hool friends af­ter the shoot and rem­i­nisced about how awk­ward they all felt about their bod­ies as teens. “We wore boys’ board shorts over our swim­suits!” she says. The irony that Collins, 28, was un­wa­ver­ingly con­fi­dent and at ease on set all day in one re­veal­ing swim­suit af­ter an­other was not lost on her. “I never dreamed I’d be pos­ing in a bikini on the cover of Shape. It’s a com­plete 180 for me. It’s a mag­a­zine about what it means to be healthy,” she says. You see, for Collins, the strug­gle to get healthy was, and still is, real. And she’s re­fresh­ingly can­did about it. Al­though she’s fit and ra­di­ant now, for more than half a decade she suf­fered in si­lence from an eat­ing dis­or­der that had her re­strict­ing her in­take of food, binge­ing and purg­ing, abus­ing lax­a­tives and diet pills, and per­haps more sig­nif­i­cantly, hid­ing it all from her friends and fam­ily.

But af­ter years of de­struc­tive be­hav­iour, Collins, who is ex­tremely close to her mom (her dad is mu­si­cian Phil Collins), re­al­ized that she needed to be held ac­count­able. So she came out about her dis­or­der. “My per­spec­tive on other peo­ple’s view of me was based on this dis­or­der be­ing a se­cret. But the more open I be­came about it, the more I was able to be my­self,” she says.

Speak­ing her truth to her in­ner cir­cle even­tu­ally set Collins free to share her story with the world—and be­cause of her jour­nal­ism back­ground, she had the chops to do it. At 15, she be­came a cor­re­spon­dent for Elle Girl U.K. (she spent a lot of her child­hood in Eng­land), and in 2008 she re­ported on the U.S. pres­i­den­tial elec­tion for Nick­elodeon. She was later a con­tribut­ing edi­tor for Cos­moGirl and the Los An­ge­les Times Mag­a­zine.

Her re­cently pub­lished book, Un­fil­tered, de­tails her ex­pe­ri­ence with her dis­ease and ended up be­ing “even more hon­est than I was in­tend­ing,” she says. “I didn’t re­al­ize I’d cover so much.” But she was ready to talk. And that’s a good thing, be­cause she has a lot to say. Here are the chap­ters on her re­cov­ery.

Body im­age re­boot

“I used to see healthy as this im­age of what I thought per­fect looked like—the per­fect mus­cle def­i­ni­tion, etc. But healthy now is how strong I feel. It’s a beau­ti­ful change, be­cause if you’re strong and con­fi­dent, it doesn’t mat­ter what mus­cles are show­ing. To­day I love my shape. My body is the shape it is be­cause it holds my heart.”

There’s such a thing as ca­reer karma

“In Oc­to­ber 2015, when I got the book deal, I wasn’t film­ing any­thing. Then

I got flooded with work [in­clud­ing get­ting a lead­ing role in an Ama­zon TV show called The Last Ty­coon, which be­gan stream­ing re­cently, and the movie Okja with Jake Gyl­len­haal, which opened in June]. Peo­ple told me to put the book on hold, but I knew it would be worth it to keep go­ing. And as luck would have it, To the Bone came up [play­ing a woman sent to a re­hab cen­ter for her eat­ing dis­or­der]. Al­though I was in re­cov­ery for sev­eral years be­fore the movie, pre­par­ing for the film al­lowed me to gather facts about eat­ing dis­or­ders from pro­fes­sion­als. It was a new form of re­cov­ery for me. I got to ex­pe­ri­ence it as my char­ac­ter, Ellen, but also as Lily. I was ter­ri­fied that do­ing the movie would take me back­ward, but I had to re­mind my­self that they hired me to tell a story, not to be a cer­tain weight. In the end, it was a gift to be able to step back into shoes I had once worn but from a more ma­ture place.”

Nur­ture and na­ture

“I’m a clean eater.

I love chicken, fish, and veg­eta­bles and grains like quinoa, but I don’t eat red meat. I steer clear of pro­cessed foods. I’m very farm-to-ta­ble; grow­ing up in the English coun­try­side, it was a way of life, not a trend. I also treat my­self to the oc­ca­sional dessert when I’m out with friends. But on the daily, I want to give my body what it needs to be the best ver­sion of my­self. When I splurge, it’s usu­ally on things that I’ve baked, be­cause it’s sat­is­fy­ing phys­i­cally and emo­tion­ally. I’m not gluten-free or ve­gan, but

I love bak­ing things be­cause of the sense of ac­com­plish­ment I get from cre­at­ing some­thing that’s yummy and healthy. I make ev­ery­thing from dough­nuts to birth­day cakes and ba­nana-wal­nut bread. There was a time when I wouldn’t let my­self taste those kinds of foods, let alone make them. I bake from the heart. I put love out there, and it goes right back in.”

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