7 break­fast hacks for rush-free morn­ings

It’s the most im­por­tant meal of the day, yet we’ve skipped break­fast at some point. Here are the dos for the most im­por­tant meal of the day.

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1. Smoothie-Prep Be­fore You Snooze

“Make smoothie packs with greens and fruit, then stash in your freezer,” says reg­is­tered di­eti­tian Jes­sica Cord­ing. “When you’re ready to make your smoothie, dump the con­tents of the bag into your blender, add some liq­uid, maybe some pro­tein pow­der, and blend away.” Even eas­ier: Com­bine the pro­tein and the milk steps into one. You can also blend your ber­ries or fruit com­bos be­fore­hand and freeze them, so your pro­duce won’t ex­pire. Rather not wake the room­mate or kids with the blender? Make a smoothie or yo­gurt pop in­stead so you can chow down one-handed.

2. Keep Hard-Boiled Eggs On Hand

Did you know you can make hard-boiled eggs in the oven? Yep, just place them in a muf­fin pan for 30 min­utes at 1760C, and you’ll have go-to pro­tein for the en­tire week. Slice them up on your av­o­cado toast, eat them alone as a snack, or make a health­ier egg salad.

3. Go for the Yoghurt

“If I’m in a rush, I’ll grab a 5-ounce con­tainer of plain Greek yoghurt for pro­tein and a 100-calo­rie pack of pis­ta­chios, which of­fer healthy fat, pro­tein, and fi­bre to help keep me fuller for longer,” says reg­is­teren di­eti­tian Amy Gorin. “I’ll also bring along a piece of fruit, like a ba­nana.”

4. Don’t Cook Your Oat­meal

If wait­ing for your steel-cut oat­meal to cook feels like a time-suck, use muesli or gra­nola in­stead—it re­quires zero cook­ing. Add fresh or frozen ber­ries, raisins, nuts, and a dash of cin­na­mon, just as you might with oat­meal.

5. Max­imise Your Mug Game

“Scram­bled eggs are su­per-easy to make in the mi­crowave,” says Cord­ing. Her strat­egy: Spritz a mi­crowave-safe bowl or tall mug with cook­ing oil spray. Add beaten eggs or egg whites, cover with a plate, and mi­crowave on high in 30-sec­ond in­cre­ments—it will prob­a­bly take be­tween 3 and 5 zaps de­pend­ing on your mi­crowave’s strength and the shape of the mug or bowl—un­til the eggs are cooked through. Throw in your favourite veg­gies and you’ve got your­self a makeshift omelette. If you’re more into sweet treats you can make ev­ery­thing from French toast to cin­na­mon rolls or a blue­berry muf­fin in the mi­crowave too.

6. Make Your Ba­con In the Mi­crowave, Too

Yes, it can be done. Just turn a bowl up­side down onto a plate and drape slices of ba­con over the top. Mi­crowave for one minute per slice, and voilà— crispy ba­con with no greasy mess.

7. Make En­ergy Bites Ahead of Time

Pack pro­tein balls to keep you alert and to make sure you never get to that hun­gry place. You’ll find lots of recipe in­spi­ra­tion for easy-to-make pro­tein ball, which are so much bet­ter than those sug­ary, high-calo­rie pro­tein bars.

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