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Hav­ing your skin pricked re­peat­edly with nee­dles isn’t your typ­i­cal fa­cial treat­ment, but many peo­ple find the re­sults worth the weird­ness (and numb­ing cream masks the dis­com­fort). Dur­ing a ses­sion, (which starts from RM1,800), a pen-shaped de­vice with mul­ti­ple nee­dles at its tip is rolled along or stamped into the skin deep enough to draw blood. “This cre­ates mi­croin­juries that spark in­creased cell turnover and col­la­gen and elastin skin is nat­u­rally heal­ing it­self,” says Dr Se­jal Shah, a cos­metic der­ma­tol­o­gist and con­trib­u­tor to the cos­metic treat­ment web­site RealSelf. “A few months af­ter the treat­ment, we hope to see an im­prove­ment in pore size, acne scars, fine lines, tex­ture, and even hy­per­pig­men­ta­tion.” Im­me­di­ately af­ter­ward, most peo­ple have mild ir­ri­ta­tion and red­ness for a cou­ple of hours, then they can get on with the rest of their day. Within a few days, though, you’ll no­tice a brighter, smoother

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