How to keep your gym clothes fresh

Com­ing home from a sweat-drip­ping work­out and dump­ing your gym gear in a cor­ner un­til they’re washed isn’t re­ally a good op­tion. Here are some steps you can take to keep your clothes clean with­out that stench.

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Use scent-free de­ter­gent

They may smell nice, but de­ter­gents with scents, per­fumes, soft­en­ers, or ad­di­tives can leave residue on your clothes af­ter they come out of the wash­ing ma­chine, which can even­tu­ally de­grade the fab­ric of your clothes. This can cause a break­down in your clothes’ per­for­mance at­tributes and wick­ing abil­ity, and ac­tu­ally cause foul odour.

Separate your shoes and ap­par­els

Plac­ing your sneak­ers and yoga pants and tank in dif­fer­ent bags within your gym tote to min­i­mize the spread of odour-caus­ing bac­te­ria. “Look for spe­cific bags that has separate com­part­ments that al­low you to store your shoes away from the rest of your gym clothes,” she says.

Buy anti-stink clothes

When pos­si­ble, opt for cloth­ing that in­cludes poly­giene tech­nol­ogy, which uses nat­u­ral sil­ver salt in low con­cen­tra­tions to pre­vent bac­te­ria from mul­ti­ply­ing—and help your clothes stay fresh and odour-free.

Hang it up

Don’t just toss your sop­ping-wet sports bra and shorts into the ham­per. Hang any wet gear up to dry, even if it’s just over the back­seat of your car. This sea­son’s of­fer­ing from Calvin Klein Per­for­mance is grounded in func­tion­al­ity and ver­sa­til­ity, and we love it! Com­bined with sleek, wear­able de­sign that is achieved through in­no­va­tive tech­nol­ogy with­out com­pro­mis­ing on style, ath­letic ap­parel is given an up­grade with bonded tech­nol­ogy, blend­ing high-per­for­mance fab­ric with cut­ting-edge con­struc­tion. All pieces in the line ben­e­fit from mois­turewick­ing fab­ri­ca­tion for quick-dry­ing com­fort. The use of sil­i­cone flock­ing in­creases the rigid­ity of stretch fab­ric for un­par­al­leled sup­port of the mus­cles, and adds an ad­di­tional tex­tu­ral el­e­ment to bralettes, leg­gings and light­weight vest jack­ets. The heat trans­fer tech­nol­ogy – shaped to frame the un­der-mus­cle of the rear – lift-tech leg­gings pro­vide a flaw­less, sculpted shape. Bonded seams ac­cen­tu­ate the ac­tive wearer’s nat­u­ral con­tours, while the flat­ter­ing high-rise cut pro­motes core sta­bil­ity.

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