Shape (Malaysia) - - Wellness Highlight -

“Now I’m shoot­ing a movie in Mexico, and I’m able to work out four to six times a week. My rou­tine is much more ex­ten­sive—weight train­ing, Muay Thai, box­ing, run­ning, and yoga—be­cause I have the time to do it. It’s em­pow­er­ing to see the shift in my body. That feel­ing of strength is amaz­ing. I can even do pull-ups now! That was Joe’s idea—he trains me. I was like, Whoa! I’ve never done pull-ups. I went from not want­ing to do one to do­ing 10 of them. I mean, I’m lift­ing up my en­tire body! It’s one of those mo­ments when you’re like, Oh my gosh, I’m pretty ca­pa­ble. And I have taken that feel­ing and used it in many other parts of my life—for con­ver­sa­tions I wouldn’t have had be­fore be­cause they were un­com­fort­able or fright­en­ing, and do­ing stunts in movies that I once would have been afraid to try. To­day when I think about the voice in my head that told me there was no way I could do a pull-up—well, wow, way to show my­self up!”

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