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If there’s ever been a work­out that’s demon­strated to de­liver fast, in­sane re­sults, it’s high-in­ten­sity in­ter­val train­ing like Ta­bata ( go all out for 20 sec­onds, rest for 10, re­peat eight times to­tal) and other as-many-rep­sas-pos­si­ble rou­tines. And those benefits: in­creased car­dio ca­pac­ity, stronger mus­cles, lower blood pres­sure, and less body fat. The fit­ness gains are likely due to the heart’s en­hanced pump­ing ca­pac­ity, says Dr. Martin Gibala, the author of The One-Minute Work­out. Your heart has to not only gun it but also pump more blood per beat—a combo that makes it grow stronger, so you can go harder. As for the body­fat ef­fect: It’s about more than just the calo­rie burn. High in­ten­si­ties also let loose a surge of fat-mo­bi­liz­ing hor­mones, free­ing body fat to be used as work­out fuel. How much HIIT does it take to level up and also change your body com­po­si­tion? Ac­cord­ing to a new re­view of 65 HIIT stud­ies in the Bri­tish Jour­nal of Sports Medicine, three times a week does it if you keep at it 12-plus weeks. Start your HIIT habit here. Stick with the Ta­bata ses­sion be­low from Insanity cre­ator Shaun T, or mix it up with any of the great tips we’ve rounded up for you.

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