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Much is made of the pound­ing that HIIT can place on the body, but these work­outs don’t have to be high im­pact. Go with the car­dio pow­er­houses be­low for HIIT that’s free of all jolts.

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To cue in­ter­vals off the clock: Go hard un­til your breath­ing is heav­ier but con­trolled, then back off un­til your breath­ing calms. Now you’re ready for the next set.— Leon Joseph, group fit­ness in­struc­tor at Equinox in New York City


Row at top speed for 500 meters, us­ing enough re­sis­tance so you’re not fall­ing off the seat, then go slow for a minute. “Re­peat three to five times for a solid work­out,” says in­struc­tor Leon Joseph at Equinox in New York City. You’ll also work back mus­cles for bet­ter pos­ture.

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Warm up, then start adding re­sis­tance “un­til it feels like you’re climb­ing a thick, juicy hill,” says SoulCy­cle in­struc­tor Bevin Prince. “Push as fast and as hard as you can for 20 sec­onds, then walk it out for 20.” Re­peat that six to eight times; do some in­ter­vals out of the seat for more core work.


Start by do­ing 10 sec­onds all out with shorter power strokes, then 40 sec­onds of longer, slower strokes, al­ter­nat­ing for 10 min­utes, says Ja­son Walsh, the founder of Rise Na­tion stu­dios. “Work up to a 1-to-3 ra­tio of work to rest and so on,” Walsh says. “It’s an easy way to track progress.”

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