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Hy­per­pig­men­ta­tion and in­grown hairs, the two big­gest bikini­line banes, are typ­i­cally a re­sult of hair re­moval. “Hair wasn’t meant to be re­moved, so it causes some trauma when we do it,” Dr. Go­hara says. “The skin re­acts to shav­ing or wax­ing by in­flat­ing—each fol­li­cle cre­ates a bub­ble to try to pro­tect the hair.” If you’re prone to th­ese is­sues and you shave, use “a sim­ple one- or two-blade ra­zor to min­imise the risk of ir­ri­tat­ing the skin. Go with the grain of the hair, and use a shav­ing cream or an oil, not a bar soap, to help ease the hair out of the fol­li­cle,” Dr. Go­hara says.

If you wax, “try us­ing a ben­zoyl per­ox­ide wash for a few days be­fore­hand to de­crease in­flam­ma­tion-caus­ing bac­te­ria in the area and a lit­tle over-the-counter cor­ti­sone right af­ter­ward to de­crease red­ness and ir­ri­ta­tion,” Dr. Day says. But if in­grown hairs are a ma­jor prob­lem for you, know that wax­ing is prob­a­bly the worst op­tion. “It re­moves the hair from the fol­li­cle, and when it grows back, it can come in at an an­gle, lead­ing to an in­grown,” Dr. Day says. Opt for pro­fes­sional hair re­moval like laser or In­tense Pulsed Light (IPL); you’ll need about six treat­ments for best re­sults. Try Bub­ble Gum Wax ( RM99 for Brazil­ian first trial, bub­ or Apron­bay ( RM98 for Brazil­ian first trial, apron­

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