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1. Ter­ence found (a po­si­tion which pro­vides him with all the suc­cess and hap­pi­ness he wants) through min­ing for Bit­coins. a) a way to live be­yond his means b) a top dog c) a place in the sun

2. Whether the politi­cian (fails or suc­ceeds) will de­pend on how he han­dles the lat­est cri­sis. a) lives be­yond his means b) sinks or swims c) has a place in the sun

3. Red Hat is the (very suc­cess­ful com­pany) in com­puter se­vices. a) wooden spoon b) mad hat­ter. c) top dog

4. Although he works in a bank, Adam is (spend­ing money more than he can af­ford). a) liv­ing be­yond his means b) a mad hat­ter c) hit­ting the road run­ning

5. Af­ter los­ing his job at the oil com­pany, Jeremy con­tin­ued to (main­tain an out­ward show of pros­per­ity) a) live be­yond his means b) keep up ap­pear­ances c) have the world by its tail

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